No specific spoilers here, but if you’re like me you still may want to wait until you’ve seen the episode to read this.  There may, of course, be spoilers in the comments.

Well, guys, Battlestar Galactica is back to wrap up the fourth season — and the entire show. I can’t believe it’s back! I can’t believe it’s ending! Oh, the conflict I’m feeling!

Battlestar Last Supper, Last Season

Battlestar Last Supper, Last Season

I’m not going to recap the episode or in fact say a lot about it, but I will say I thought it was great.  As expected, it dealt with the aftermath of what the human and cylon crews found on earth at the end of Season 4.0: a big, empty wasteland.

Tigh looks out at the dead sea.

Tigh looks out at the dead sea.

I especially enjoyed the confrontation that took place between Tigh and Admiral Adama, and I wished that the conversation Starbuck wanted to have with Apollo had taken place.

The shocking “realization” at the end of the episode regarding the identity of the final cylon, though.  I’m not sure what to think about that.  Is it true, or merely a manipulation? I really hope it’s not true.  I’m being general here to avoid spoilers, but what do you think?  Feel free to get specific in the comments!

Also, what the frak is going on with Starbuck?


  1. As boreathon said on Twitter, the “realization” is a red herring. Or at least I hope it is.

    Also, SPOILER:
    My friend Laura, who has a crush on Apollo, shouted “Get off my man, bitch!” at Dualla when she and Lee seemed to be making amends and then you-know-what happened. Then someone yelled, “Holy crap Laura, you killed D!”



    I hope that’s a red herring too, man! Although, remember how I always used to keep saying that Ellen would turn out to be a cylon just because I hated her so much? I hope I wasn’t right!

    And I am laughing out loud about your friend killing D! It sucks, because throughout the first half of the episode I kept thinking that maybe they were making D interesting again — like how she USED to be before getting involved with Adama. Like when BILLY was still around, for example. (Sheesh. I am STILL not over that, apparently.) Of course, they were making her more interesting in this ep, just not the way I’d hoped.



    Yeah, D got SUPER INTERESTING when she BLEW HER FRAKKING BRAINS OUT?! WTF?? And also, everyone on Earth was a Cylon and Kara really was there and OMGWTF?!

    I have all kinds of ideas about this and what it means, but I am way too conscious of my Internet nerdiness level to post it. But so glad this is back! It makes a huge improvement over the end of Season 4.0, which I thought was kind of a let-down in a Planet-of-the-Apes kind of way…


  4. Also, is the tag line for this blog about BSG? If so, I’m not sure how you got there, but with this show, you never know a frakking thing…


  5. What I keep wondering is when are we going to learn more about the CY-LON BAY-BEEE?

    And re: the tagline, I have a whole bunch of them that rotate – not sure which one you saw, but none are BSG-related. They are all references to my favorite shows and movies, though.


  6. Scratch that about the tagline – I just added a BSG-related one to the rotation. But it’s obvious and you’d know it if you saw it.


    I keep thinking about what Starbuck saw on Earth. I know they have been giving these little suggestions forever now, hinting that she’s a cylon. Even since before they revealed the other four cylons. Her coming back after the disappearance, the painting, etc. But I have to say I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT. They had better have something better coming down the pike for her or I will scream. SCREAM.



    I don’t know how you guys missed the super huge spoiler in the previews for this episode (shot of D in the Raptor headed back to BSG from ruined earth with the sound effect of a pistol cocking). When the scene came up in the actual episode, I got all tense because I thought she was going to do it in the Raptor and maybe take a few people out with her. My other big thought about D was that maybe she wasn’t a human. Maybe she was a Cylon. Maybe, like Galen and Sam and Tori and Tigh, when she touched something on the ruined Earth (the jacks she found on the beach, for instance) she had a memory…and she couldn’t deal with it. I’m just saying.

    And it IS possible because if Helen’s one, then Starbuck’s gotta be one. Which means D was one. And if the 13th colony of Earth is all Cylons, then ALL THE PEOPLE ON ALL THE COLONIES ARE CYLONS. Evolution is a bitch, isn’t it?

    But I’m probably wrong. I love this show!


  8. Oh, I don’t get the SciFi channel so I never see the previews. Man, though, I HATE IT when a show preview ruins something like that in a new episode. It drives me crazy! So it’s good I didn’t see it, anyway.

    And yeah, I definitely had that thought about D, too, especially after seeing all of the other four get their memories “back.” Still really hoping that Tigh’s wife doesn’t come back to the show though. I hated her!


  9. A theory my friend J and I have is that Starbuck is actually the original CY-LON BAY-BEEE. It’s been repeated that she has some kind of destiny, she’s had visions that helped lead everyone to Earth, she’s gone through some kind of weird resurrection/cloning, and all sorts of other stuff like being a super-exceptional pilot, etc. We’re never shown or told who her father is and I think that might be somewhat important. Maybe he’s the final Cylon?


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