Is it Possible to Be Allergic to Your Own Ennui?

I usually loathe and dread Sunday nights because, in spite of the fact that Sundays can be very lovely, lazy days, they always, through some cruel calendar voo-doo, precede the horror of Monday morning.  Every single week, in fact! All the relaxation you’ve accumulated from Friday night to Sunday afternoon gets canceled out as soon as you remember the inevitable.

Not so tonight, of course, because we have tomorrow off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  It’s a good thing for me, since the horrible repeating cold (which I’m now suspicious might be allergies, and on that subject all I can say is OH HELL NO because I thought I left my minor, infrequent, nascent allergy symptoms behind when I moved away from the grass seed capital of the world) has come back.  I have spent the entire day in my pajamas, occasionally getting up off the couch to blow my nose, make tea, or irrigate my nasal passages with the hippy nasal irrigation pot I finally bought. It’s nothing but glamor and elegance over here, I assure you.

In other health-related news, I have been using the site to keep track of fitness and nutrition nonsense.  It’s very satisfying to use their nutrition tracker, because you can see exactly what the contents are of everything you eat and how it all adds up to meet (or not, sometimes) your goals.  For example, Readers, I was shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that the French fries I indulged in a few days ago did not help me accomplish anything but consume far too much fat.  Perhaps you, too, will also be astounded to learn that whole grains and lean proteins are far more helpful? Or perhaps you are not a dietary moron, so perhaps that will not surprise you after all.  Nonetheless, for anyone out there who’s keeping a closer eye on their diet end exercise for the new year or whatever, I recommend the site.  It’s free and easy.

Good lord, this is the most boring post ever. The blandest of all cheese sandwiches. Sorry.  If you have even made it this far, I commend your determination. Hopefully tomorrow I will have something more productive and interesting to tell you about  — maybe I’ll find something charitable to do in honor of MLK. But now, however, I must go blow my nose again and then settle in for another movie.

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