Lost Returns With Season 5!

No specific spoilers here, but if you’re like me you still may want to wait until you’ve seen the episode to read this.  There may, of course, be spoilers in the comments.

The new season of Lost premiered last night, and I and my fellow fan Clarabella chatted online during the episode, questioning every detail and pausing more than a few times to say, “wait, WHAT?”  It was a great episode and this season promises to be full of Lost‘s signature mind-bending intrigue.


I won’t say anything too specific about it here, but I will tell you that writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have some very different ideas about time travel than what I learned at the feet of Dr. Emmett Brown.

Speaking of Cuse and Lindelof, the two princes of smugness had another one of their annual smirkathons the hour before the premiere – yet another self-congratulatory recap episode where the writers don’t so much recap the series as justify why, in their opinions, Lost is such truly great art.  This time around I think it had something to do with “telling universal stories about the human condition.”  Man, I love this show, but I almost love making fun of the writers even more.

But enough about that!  Did you see the show?  WHAT is UP???


  1. Yeah, I once again made the mistake of drinking a leeetle too much wine while watching, and by the end of the 2-hour episode I was having some serious problems maintaining my usually steely focus.

    One thing I must say: We need more Faraday! What was he doing down underground drilling holes for Dr. Chang / Candle / Halliwax? (Relatedly, what is THAT guy’s deal, and which if any of those is his real name?)


  2. I’m confused about Lost variety time travel. The island moves in time and so do the Others, but not the Lostaways? But they move with it in space? I have no idea and thinking about it makes it worse.

    And I agree, more Faraday!


  3. Ugh, I have no idea about that time travel either. It seemed like the Lostaways were constant while the island and Others changed around them — but of course I guess the Island and Others were following their normal/traditional trajectory through time, while the seemingly-constant Lostaways were traveling through time. I beg to differ with the show’s skipping record metaphor, though. That’s not really how a record skips at all.

    As far as space I…er…don’t have a clue!

    And what about Richard Alpert? Does this phenomenon somehow explain how he never ages? Or are they unrelated? SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.


  4. I’ve been thinking along those lines about Richard Alpert, that he ages but somehow all our viewings of him happened at more or less the same time in his life, but different times on a normal timeline…but that’s another thing that gets more confusing the more I think about it, so I’m not thinking too much and hoping they’ll come up with some better metaphor than a skipping record that will make it all clear.


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