BSG: A Disquiet Follows My Soul, In-frakking-deed.

Some vague and general SPOILERS HERE, but nothing too specific. DO NOT READ ON unless you’ve either seen the episode or you just don’t care.  There will probably also be spoilers in the comments, too.

This gripping episode was all about people being pushed to the edge of action and the crazy people-pushers who pushed them there.  One of my least favorite characters on the show returned as the centerpiece of this theme.

Oh, hey, who is that speaking to the Quorum there?

Oh, hey, who is that speaking to the Quorum there?

Oh right, it's VP Tom Zarek.  Man, I hate that guy.

Oh right, it's VP Tom Zarek. Man, I hate that guy.

Other crazies came out of the woodwork, too.  Have you been wondering about Gaius Baltar and the state of his ever-changing hair? Then have no fear:

Still crazy, less hairy.

Still crazy, less hairy.

He’s back and looking quite the dish with this new haircut.  HAIRCUTS: I ADVOCATE THEM.

Felix Gaeta had a lot to say this week, too:

Gaeta won't be getting a pity frak.

Gaeta won't be getting a pity frak.

(That caption only makes sense to you if you’ve seen the episode, OK?)

On another note entirely, I thought Admiral Adama was being very much the hard-boiled detective in this week’s episode. It all started when I saw him fallen asleep at his desk with a bottle of whiskey and a magnifying glass:

I also like to work with a stiff hooker of whiskey at the ready.

I also like to work with a stiff hooker of whiskey at the ready.

As the episode rolled on, we also saw the Admiral working information by “appealing to [someone’s] intellect” in a way that had nothing to do with intellect, and advising criminals to “cool [their] heels” in the slammer.  Someone’s been reading his Dashiell Hammett!

Here are some of my other observations as I watched:

– This episode jumped right in to the big OMG-type shit, didn’t it? The scene in the beginning that had Tigh saying “I need a drink”? Well, well, well indeed.

– You know what occurs to me? We haven’t had much Helo lately.  MORE HELO, please.

– There are just so many occasions in this episode for me to do my song and dance routine to the classic tune of Cy-lon Bay-bee! A-wocka wocka wocka CY-LON BAY-BEE!

SO! What did you think?


  1. Warning: SPOILER

    I kinda thought the revelation that Nikki wasn’t chief’s kid was the only really important thing we saw this episode. It means that Hera’s still the only hybrid.
    Also, though, the ultrasound was cool.
    Everything else seemed a little “been there, done that”: Gaeta acts crazy? check. Balthar is aloof and vague and weird? check. Zarek’s causing trouble and descent? check. Don’t get me wrong; I liked the episode. I just thought the “oh shit!” level was a little low. I loved how this episode established the post-“frak earth” dynamics of the crew.
    Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to next week. I also second the more Helo, please. Speaking of dishes. . . Yum.
    Also, that last scene made me feel kinda gross and creepy, like catching my parents doing it.


  2. SPOILERS!!!!!

    Yeah, I definitely thought this week was a step down on the ‘OMGWTFBSG?!’ meter, but still interesting to be sure. What’s up with Adama and his pills and his sleeping all the time? Is he dying, too? Heart problems?

    Also, WTF Gaeta? I guess his opinion kind of makes sense if you take the webisodes into account, but still–seriously? You got frakked over by one Sharon model and now the whole race is horrible and terrible??

    And speaking of Cylon babies, why WAS Doc Coddle spending so much time on the Cylon baby…?

    Also also, does anyone else think that the creators of BSG are psychic? I mean, Obama/Adama? What are the odds!?

    Finally, since I think about theology (read: I watch televangelists) a lot, hasn’t Gaius’s message totally changed? Didn’t it used to be that everything was just dandy because of Godsplan and Godslove? And now it’s all about ‘Frak you, God!”

    Frak I love this show.


  3. Well, I don’t think Gaeta’s feelings can be blamed that particular Number 8. As Baltar’s chief of staff, he had to carry out orders from the Cylons on New Caprica. He was prosecuted by the secret tribunal, which had Tigh and Anders as members. And he lost his leg because of Anders and Kara. Now he’s not getting enough medical attention, in his eyes, because Tigh and Six are getting preferential treatment. So, I think, out of all the main human characters, he may have the biggest grudge against the Cylons.

    I do think Baltar’s complete reversal on God is interesting. I wish there would be another discussion between him and Virtual Six, but I think since Caprica Six ended up the Galactica I don’t think that she’s had an appearance.

    Also, Adama’s bluff on Zarek’s dirty laundry was pretty awesome.

    Also, Cally certainly was getting a lot of action for someone who smelt of cabbage.


  4. Blah blah blah blah frakkin’ blah…I kind of felt this way about this episode, and I’m not sure why.

    Oh yeah…ZAREK. I love how he continues to bitch and bitch and bitch about how they went on this failed mission to Earth and aren’t Adama and the Pres. losery and full of themselves. The problem with the complaint is what the fuck else were they supposed to do? Seriously! Just sit there and get killed? Float aimlessly in space until something worse than Cylons got them (starvation, disease, whathaveyou) ?? Ugh. I hate that fucking guy.

    @ Clarabella re: final scene — That’s exactly what I said! Ha!

    @ kilowatthour: I’m worried about that, but, yeah.

    @ Sho: The dirty laundry was amazing. Remind me why Cally smelled of cabbage?

    I still want to know what’s going on with the friendly Cylons. I’m still what the helling over Leoben and his little freak out with Kara. What are they doing? What are their plans?


  5. @Ruby After Cally committed “suicide,” Tyrol rants to Adama about how he “settled” for her and describes her as a, “shriek with dull-vacant eyes, the boiled cabbage stench of her.” It was kind of out of left field, but that was sort of the start of his crazy phase. It was all kind of sad about Cally, how she went from a likable character who was not originally intended to be part of the main series to a suspicious harpy in the last couple episodes she was in.

    @suomichris Doc Cottle is the final Cylon and Kara’s father! DUNH DUNH DUNH!


  6. C – You’re right about the been-there-ness of Gaeta and Baltar and Zarek acting crazy in their respective ways. I definitely thought the whole ultrasound scene was crazy though! I had forgotten, for one thing, that 6 was pregnant, plus the whole coziness and hand-holding of it was WHACK. Anything involving Tigh seems suspect and weird to me these days.

    SC – Interesting point about Baltar’s message! The one thread of consistency I see in it is that he keeps telling them “you’re perfect/beautiful/innocent.” Whether that’s because of or in spite of god seems to change. Huh.

    KWH – Oooh, interesting theory! Will have to think about this.

    S – Good points about Gaeta. And Cally as well. I always loved her — and chief! I kind of hate that they made her so annoying, and then so dead. ALL SHE WANTED WAS TO GO TO DENTAL SCHOOL!

    R – Agreed re Zarek! Man that guy cheeses me off in every single episode he’s in. I’m also very curious to find out what happened with Leobin after he ran off — mostly, did he TELL anyone???


  7. Also, re Tigh:

    When Suomichris and Sho and I all lived in Zembla we used to watch this every week together. This was way before the presidential elections or even the primary season, and we always used to refer to Tigh as “John McCain.”

    Now that the election is over and the show is back on, I still can’t help thinking of Tigh as “John McCain” and thus also imagining McCain in all of the situations Tigh is in, e.g. fathering the first CY-LON BAY-BEE or getting into a drunken fight with Adama (/Obama???).

    In short, it both weirds me out and cracks me up.


  8. @KWH: I said the same thing after the EP.

    @Ruby & Vague: I love/hate Zarek. I like what a trouble maker he is but then he’s always scared shitless to really follow through. He likes to delegate but is terrified to get his own hands dirty, which is why Adama’s dirty laundry trick worked and why he makes such a good villain.

    @whoever liked Cally: I have never been happier to see a character go from a show. I never liked her, even when she was minor. She is the most annoying character I have ever had to watch, and I don’t miss her one bit. There. I said it.


  9. Is it strange that I still miss Billy?

    And today I was watching the Dark Angel marathon, and there was poor little dead Dualla, playing a sweet blind lady, named Annie, and I got sad ’cause I’m going to miss her on the rest of the BSG episodes. Did you guys know her first name was actually Anastasia? And, even weirder…Crashdown and Gaeta and Tyrol were also in Dark Angel.


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