BSG: Return of the Meh

Avast! SPOILERS be here!

I haven’t been in a hurry to post about this week’s Battlestar Galactica episode, “Deadlock,” mostly because I don’t have too much to say about it.  I also suspect y’all won’t have much to say either. It’s gotten so late that I barely even remember what happened!

In the show’s defense, however, it wouldn’t be fair to expect each and every episode to be as Earth-shatteringly awesome as the last few have been.  It’s a quality show, but let’s face it: it can’t be perfect all the time.

Looking through the screencaps I took of the episode, it appears there were two major developments I wanted to mention — if by “developments” I actually mean “elements of return to the past,” which is basically the opposite of developments unless you are living in a world of cyclic time.  Let’s not get into that.


So, as you all know, I loathe and detest Ellen Tigh with every molecule of my Vague corpus.  Hate the lady.  I was willing to admit, however reluctantly, that she was getting more interesting (and less cunty) in the last episode.  OH MY HELL, that is no longer true.

Ellen Tigh, Why Won't You Frakking Die?

Ellen Tigh, Why Won't You Frakking Die?

Ellen Tigh is back to being the completely and utterly depraved ho-bag bitch she always has been.  Do we blame her for the Cylon Baby’s death? DO WE?

In other news, we saw the (at least for me) long awaited and much doubted return of Imagination Six!

Baltar, Get a Frakking GRIP, You PANTYWAIST.

Baltar, Get a Frakking GRIP, You PANTYWAIST.

Hooray!  While Baltar was busy being a ponce the entire episode, at least we can speculate as to whether his actions will have any unanticipated badassed consequences, as they were the fruits of Imagination Six’s manipulations. WILL THEY?

What did you think? Totally meh, or am I expecting too much these days?


  1. Both. It was pretty meh, but then again, the last few episodes, including before the hiatus, were pretty awesome. Gotta let them have some downtime some time.


  2. Yeah, it was meh, but not bad, just not that much in the way of development. BUT we did learn that the final five consider themselves the 13th Tribe, so that is something confirmational, or whatever.

    And seriously, Ellen frakking Tigh, are you frakking kidding me?? How can someone be so totally, genuinely awful ALL OF THE TIME?! I was hoping Caprica Six would punch her the hell in the mouth; well, maybe she still will!

    Also, I am kind of disappointed in the whole Cylon-goo-in-Galactica-as-a-metaphor-for-uniting-Cylons-and-Humans thing. When did this show get so heavy-handed? Maybe they’re just trying to wrap up more quickly or something, but for real, that is just a lame-o metaphor.


  3. And now only one Cy-lon bay-bee remains! So sad!

    God, yeah, Ellen was getting slightly better and more interesting in the previous episode but reverted back to her bitchy self once she was within visual range of Saul.

    Speaking of Imagination Six, who I’ve always thought was great and was sorely missed for most of this season, I am hoping they reveal the secret behind her and Imagination Baltar soon.


  4. I, for one, think Imagination Six is God (or perhaps God’s messenger), communicating Its will to Baltar. Or something. It seems pretty clear (well, as clear as anything on BSG) that Imagination Six is not Caprica Six, since Caprica Six is, you know, hanging out in a real body…. How many episodes left? Good dog, how the eff is all of this going to be tied up??


  5. There are only four left. It scares me that by the time I have paid my taxes (which will be a painful and wrenching time for me) I will have no more BSG to calm my nerves. *Cry*

    I was very happy to see Imagination 6 return. I think I even did a happy dance when she showed up. Yay!

    I am very sad about the resurgence of Cunty Ellen of Troy…She’s killing me. I was so on her side when she escaped from Cavil.

    Speaking of, last episode Ellen said Cavil’s model was who the Centurions were based on or the other way around, so I am confused. Why was he spearheading the effort to dispatch with all the Centurions? I know, this is old, from back when there was Cylon Civil War and all. But why oh why was he so dead set on killing them all? Remember, this is part of why the Cylons had the rift in the first place.



  6. C – Agreed! Eagerly awaiting next week, though!

    SC – It is indeed a pretty heavy-handed metaphor. With a typically smart audience, they don’t really need to do that. Oh well.

    S – I wonder if we’ll see any more of Hera in the weeks to come? And YES! I too want to learn more about Imagination Six and Imagination Baltar!!

    R – I can’t BELIEVE there are only four more episodes to go. Wahhhhh. Re Cavil and his desire to kill the Centurions, I’m foggy on that. Was it because of god somehow? Like he didn’t like their theism? I can’t remember what happened there, and I recall being somewhat confused at the time.


  7. R & A – Cavil killing Centurions? I don’t recall anything like that… He did try to rob them of their free will at one point, although I don’t remember why (probably because his is CRAAA-ZY).

    Also, I think Cavil’s reference to the Centurion side of his family (if this is what you mean, R) was just that the 12 Colonies Cylons were produced by Centurions and the 13th Tribe together.


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