What I'm Watching Tonight: Northern Exposure Season 1

Basically since I’ve moved to hot, steamy New Wye, I’ve been taking a perverse pleasure in watching films and TV shows set in cold, northern climates.  See as cases in point: 30 Days of Night, Twilight, Into the Wild, the “Mountains” episode of Planet Earth, and so on.

It only recently occurred to me, however, that there is a whole entire television series set in snowy Alaska, and it incorporates my love of shows set in quirky small towns (à la Stars Hollow) and my love of mountains, trees, and snow.  Northern Exposure! And I never even watched it while it aired, so the whole thing is new to me.

Rugged people! Beautiful landscape! SNOW!

Rugged people! Beautiful landscape! Plaid! SNOW!

I am currently on episode four, and while it’s certainly enjoyable, I am still waiting for Rob Morrow’s character, the fish-out-of-water New York doctor, to get slightly less annoying.  Please say he will!

If Dr. Fleischman ever does kiss a bull moose on this show, you can be sure that ndignant whining will ensue.

If Dr. Fleischman ever does kiss a bull moose on this show, you can be sure that ndignant whining will ensue.

Are there any fans of this show out there?  Keeping in mind I don’t want to hear any spoilers, what was your favorite season?


  1. Great Googly! I have no idea what my favorite season was. That was, like, a million years ago! Ok, not a million, but almost TWENTY! Fuck, I’m old.


  2. I watched Northern Exposure years ago. Not a bad show. How far along are you in the series? I promise I won’t hand out any spoilers.

    So you like the setting of the show? I used to live in a city like that – it was not unusual to have moose and bear wander into the town. Probably the most frightening thing was the time I was walking my dogs in the bush and got shadowed by a pack of wolves. They were howling and following me just off the path I was walking. I think they were after one of my dogs.


  3. R- When I saw that this originally aired on 1990, I was like, “oh that’s not so long ago,” but…yeah. That was 19 years ago. Jesus.

    KWH – Good to hear. I think I’ll get used to him. Ed is my favorite, though. Major crush.

    J – OK, that wolf story is mildly terrifying. I shall choose to forget that when I fantasize about moving to a small town in Alaska! Where I will be will be no wolves! (Man, think of what quick work they could make of a little dachshund! EEEEEP!)


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