Spectacles, Yoga, and Unexpected Movies

For those of you who were eagerly awaiting an eyeglasses update with painfully bated breath (and let’s face it, I’m sure that was ALL of you), my new glasses have finally arrived and they are RESPLENDENT! I love them, and they make me look completely different.  They look more like a part of my face and less like a hip costume.

I have also signed up for an Ashtanga Yoga class, and the first session kicked my wimpy ASS.  I was not aware, in fact, of how wimpy I truly am until the day after the first class when I could barely move my arms at all.  The endless repetition of all those upward-facing and downward-facing dogs and the plank position — the fucking PLANK POSITION — well, it kills me.  In a totally good way, though.

Before leaving for vacation, I managed to remember to send back my Netflix DVDs so that I would have some new ones upon my return, but of course I forgot to update the damned queue so I came home to find not the Northern Exposure DVDs I had expected but rather an assortment of questionable movies.  Year of the Dog, however, turned out to be an unexpected gem.  Read my thoughts on that over at the media blog.


  1. Oh God. The first couple times of yoga is TOUGH. I remember when I first started… Before I was so very concerned about how what if everyone can just fold themselves into weird positions and I’m just red in the face with effort of trying to reach my toes? But then once it started I was much more concerned about the fire in my arms and shoulders.


  2. Yoga. Awesome. Glad you are happy with the specs – glasses are important. (I’m confused – did you not see the model in the store??)

    Re: Northern Exposure: Janine Turner was my TV girlfriend. And “Ed” and Chris Cornell were my inspiration for long hair in university…heh.


  3. GG – I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! Everyone else in my class seems so gracefully competent.

    J – Oh yeah, I tried them on, but you can’t really tell until you wear them around for a few days, I say.


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