Stormy Weather, Blankets Recommended

Well, lo and behold, it seems to be Monday all over again.  How did that happen? I mean, I could swear it was just Monday last week.

This particular Monday comes on the heels of an all-day, 17-hour grading marathon, which you will have heard me bitching about yesterday if you were anywhere near Twitter.  I will refrain from describing the agony in detail and will restrict myself to reiterating this, the most salient point: SEVENTEEN HOURS.

All righty then. Let’s move on.

After two hours of sleep, I headed to school in the midst of a raging storm of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. It was so nasty outside that every pedestrian I passed appeared to be wrestling his umbrella to the death, hanging on with desperation as it tried to turn itself inside out and eviscerate him.  Driving down a lonely campus street, I saw one umbrella, freed from its human captor, go cartwheeling down the block and fly across the street in front of my car where it was caught by a fleet and dexterous passer by.

I meandered my way through the rest of the day, nourishing detailed fantasies of curling up with the dog for an afternoon sleep. The dog, of course, probably spent the entire day in his blanket cave, dreaming of that magical land where there is a neverending supply of dropped crumbs on the floor.

The following photograph on my iPhone, which sparked this pathetic fantasy, proved to be pure torture for my sleep-deprived mind.  Let me caution you, reader: looking at this photograph will produce strong naptime cuddling urges, so please proceed only if you are within safe proximity to a bed, chaise longue, divan, couch, or other cozy horizontal surface.  Blankets and puppy are also recommended.

"Is it naptime?"

"Is it naptime?"

I warned you.

I’m heading off for a spot of tea with Mrs. Nappington, and Reader, may I suggest you do the same?


  1. Monday after a grading marathon here too, nap finally taken. The world looks much better now, right? The grading was mostly draft term papers, and peer reviews of same; better than anticipated, but oof what a pile of paper for a beautiful Sunday. Grumpy and tired all morning, then asked at 1 pm to approve thesis revisions to meet a 4 pm deadline. Look, kid… Luckily the other committee members were also tired and grumpy, and so the student is spending one more summer in grad school. No, I don’t feel guilty. These are the best years of his life, why rush through them? Cackle.


  2. Well, looking back, it wasn’t so bad. He’ll thanks us one day, I’m sure. Sure.
    When last heard from, he was having trouble with the pagination. So I don’t think that deadline was going to be met in any case.


  3. I can’t believe you spent Zombie Jesus Day grading and turning yourself into Doctor Zombie. Silly! I am digging the new look for the page, expect a special care package from Cap’n Tightpants soon!


  4. B- Well good for you, I say. No reason faculty should have to rush based on students’ last-minute “emergencies.”

    R – I know! It was a horrible day. I am compensating by being incredibly lazy today. My only two goals: taxes and jogging. We’ll see how that goes! Also, Hooray for Cap’n Tightpants!!


  5. R – scratch that about my lazy day! I forgot I have to finish a novel for class AND devise a pedagogically sound activity for it. Ugh.

    S – But now you can take kitten naps w/ your kitty! Those are equally good naps. (Unless you have a cat like mine, whose main goal is to harass you instead of nap with you.)


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