New Design!

If you’re reading this through an RSS reader, you won’t have noticed the cool new design I am now sporting over here.  Click on through, won’t you?

It’s basically just this theme, pretty much out of the box except for a few font changes (I like more space between the lines and I don’t like high-contrast black-on-white text — I just find gray easier on the eyes).

Anyway, if anything isn’t working for you, let me know. It’s not like I’ll be able to fix it or anything, but, um, I promise to think seriously about trying to fix it.


  1. Though I liked the last theme, I like this one too. The color scheme is nice and I dig the rounded corners (man, everyone is about rounded corners right now, see: Twitter and Facebook).

    It’s a good look for you,!


  2. ZOMG CONTROVERSY! Sorry, HA HA HA, maybe you can wear sunglasses or something?

    Sho – Yeah, I had to get my little piece of the Web 2.0 pie. Now if only everyone’s gravatar had rounded corners we’d be in business. (Just kidding!) I do really like rounded corners, though. They remind me of Scandinavian furniture.


  3. Oh, also, there’s a Special Feature: the sidebar is collapsible. Just hit that “sidebar” flag over there and it goes away. I don’t know why you’d want to do that unless you hate my beautiful green typewriter, but there you go!


  4. Wow, not what I expected over my morning coffee. I had fears that I was visiting the wrong website.

    There are subtle hints of Hofmann here. As I type, this theme is growing on me. I just hope I haven’t contracted ergotism.

    (And this is not a double post – I am the ‘other’ John)


  5. It is okay, but yes, the corners are SQUARE! SQUARE AS HUEY LEWIS! And without the requisite hipness.

    I like it okay, I liked the old theme a little better, but this one is nice.


  6. J1 – It’s OK, I will keep the news of your Philistinicity under my hat!

    J2 – I just looked up “ergotism,” and google tells me it’s “a cereal killer” HAAA.

    T – Are you using IE, too? I hope it’s just because they make you at work/school or something. More importantly, don’t go calling Huey Lewis a square!

    Re the IE square corners – You guys, I have NO idea how to fix that. I think we may have to live with it!


  7. It’s the original “cereal killer”! Heh.

    For me, too, with IE everything was square. I also tried Safari 4.0 beta and things were square; I didn’t spot the difference. What is supposed to be rounded?


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