Whippersnapper Wisdom

Thanks to everyone for voting in my poll and offering advice on the student situation on Monday. I kept meaning to come back here and chat with you all in the comments section about some various points you brought up, but unfortunately I was condemned to another freakish marathon of grading and didn’t get the chance to. (Sixteen hours of grading yesterday and another hour and a half this morning! What the WHAT.)

Now that I have some free time, I’d love to be able to report that pedagogical magic was achieved by following your advice (which, at this point, is a 3-way tie among the following:  telling him to focus on livelier writing, giving him a weirdly inappropriate yachting-based insult, and straight up punching him in the neck), however, unfortunately, our much anticipated meeting in which this neck-punching and this yachting-based insult were to happen did not take place.

We’d never had a specific appointment set or anything, but I had scheduled some drop-in hours for his class, where students could show up during a certain block of time to discuss their essays. He said he would come by during this time “to talk about a few things.” Why didn’t he come, you might be wondering?

Well, since you all have been so helpful in this issue already, let me give you another hypothetical situation and see how you’d handle it. Let’s say you have classes back to back all day long, during the exact same hours your teacher has set aside for conferences, like so:

English: 10:00
Math: 11:00
Basket Weaving: 12:00
Ethics: 1:00
Grade Grubbing: 2:00

English Teacher’s Office Hours: 10:00-2:00

Wow, my friend, it sure looks like your day is packed and there’s no way you can make those office hours.  How unfortunate. Except, oh, wait! Wait! Because your English teacher is HOLDING CONFERENCES IN HER OFFICE, you couldn’t possibly have English class at 10:00, could you? No. In fact, your English class was canceled, so, in fact, your schedule now looks like this:

Free Period: 10:00
Math: 11:00
Basket Weaving: 12:00
Ethics: 1:00
Grade Grubbing: 2:00

English Teacher’s Office hours: 10:00-2:00

Now, hypothetically, My Good People of the Internet, when would you show up to your English teacher’s office for a conference? What looks like a good time to you? Would you go between 10:00-11:00, in your now free period? Or would you show up at her office at 1:55, right in between your last two classes of the day and five minutes before her office hours end, and then complain that you can’t meet with her because you “have class in five minutes and, in fact, have classes all day.”


And what do you think he did?


  1. Uh yeah, I have no idea what he was thinking. He was all, “I have classes from 10-2,” and I was like, “you didn’t have class at 10 today.” The look on his face was PRICELESS. Pricelessly stunned and stupid looking, that is.


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