Ready to Be Done with This Bitch

I’d say I’m genuinely excited about the fact that summer is almost here, but one must not forget the fact that with summer in New Wye come temperatures over 100 F with humidity above 70%, or what I like to call suicide weather.  Right now, though, that exists only in the hypothetical sense, and I find myself looking forward to summer.

The last day of classes was yesterday, and I’m now at the beginning of a week off between classes and finals.  Most people only get a day or two off before their first final exam, but due to quirks of the schedule, I don’t have one until Wednesday of next week – how excellent! Even better, once finals are done with, I’ll only have minimal grading and paperwork left to do.  The school year is truly almost over, and I couldn’t be more ready to be done with this bitch.

This weekend I am heading out of town to see my friend C. and celebrate her son’s second birthday, and we’ll be raising money for the March of Dimes by participating in the March for Babies (not to be confused with the more obscure March of Babies or the March on Babies, to be sure).  Thanks to the generosity of several friends who donated to sponsor my walk, I managed to exceed my modest fundraising goal, and I’m feeling pretty happy about all the charitable good will. (Thanks a million, guys!)

In other news, I got my hair done the other day and there are two noteworthy changes to my appearance as a result: 1) My hair is seriously blonde right now. It means business! Icy Scandinavian business! 2) My bangs, they are … very short. I’m not sure about the short bangs, but luckily they’ll be to their ideal length in a week or two.

At any rate, I am feeling very ready for summer and change around these parts.  After finals week I have more than a month off before my summer class begins, and I hope to spend a lot of time reading (finishing Infinite Jest once and for all), writing (revising a couple of articles and maybe starting another one), running (in the air conditioned gym), hiking (out with the nature and the weather and the creatures), and making some minor home improvements (hanging art, devising a new DVD shelving scheme).

Do you have summer plans? I’d love to know.


  1. I have some minor home repairs to make, probably Memorial Day weekend, including cleaning out the garage, painting, that kind of thing. Then we’re looking for a new place to live in a different part of town (with a yard!). Then, most excitingly, at the end of summer I AM QUITTING MY JOB AND RETURNING TO SCHOOL FULL TIME!


  2. I have summer plans! I have arrived in LuxuryLand, finally. There were a few minor incidents with the new apartment: the 200 Euro charge to the owner for freeing the drain of her pubic hair (the plumber almost vomited as did I), the dog vomit hidden behind the armoire, the oven in which something exploded and took me 8 hours and a paint scraper to clean, the excrement behind the toilet paper roll, and me getting lost in Germany in a rental car and getting a new rental car that was upgraded to a Mercedes. Awesome stuff. I am here.

    That being said, the apartment is actually beautiful. The previous tenant was, I think, insane. But I now have cows moo-ing outside, church bells, vineyards and ancient houses all around me. I plan to hike the vineyards, start working and discover a new country. This may necessitate learning German of which I know not a word. I begin a new life in a foreign country. I may setup a website with pictures and commentary if I get ambitious.

    Happy summer to you!


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