Two New "Expresses" I Hate

From reality television, the apex of evil: a teach

EXAMPLE: “We went on a teach this morning with Benny Ninja.”

From blogs everywhere:  gifted me with

EXAMPLE: “My mom gifted me with a front porch hammock.”

I’m sorry, but that is not how those words work at all.  I believe you are looking for the words lesson and gave.


  1. I suspect the “gifted me” thing oozed over from the shadowy and word-bloated world of law. You gotcher tax law, see, where the IRS doesn’t care a whit whether you were given something or not, but whether it was, by law, a “gift.” This leads to much talk in estate planning of “gifting” parts of estates, but somewhere some idiot with a “blawg” (ugh) must have taken the ugly and pointless phrase out of its proper context and it caught on.

    That’s my guess, anyway.

    And I’m sorry about that.


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