Home Improvement Part I

After a fun shopping day in The Big City yesterday, I have spent the whole day today building furniture, and as we say in New Wye, I am wore slap out. Today I put together my two small dressers (The drawers! It’s the beschissene drawers that take forever!) and the three DVD “towers” and have re-arranged my entire bedroom to make a better layout.  I still haven’t put anything in the dressers, oh no, because that would a) make too much sense and b) require me to do more laundry and sort through my clothes, neither of which I feel like doing at the moment.

While I was putting everything together, my DVR helpfully recorded a couple of Hitchcock movies for me (Rear Window and Vertigo, I think), so I have something to rest my eyes on while I drink a couple of glasses of wine and soothe my aching back.  Any good handyman or -woman knows it’s best to put the DVR on task and have a cold bottle of Pinot Grigio at the ready for when the day is done.

Tomorrow I still have to put together one big shelf and then get to all the organizing and arranging. That’ll be the fun part. I LOVE ORGANIZING AND ARRANGING.   Pictures when all is done.  For now it’s Hitchcock, wine, and couch time.


  1. There is a single tool which is indispensable for putting together IKEA furniture, and they don’t sell it. It is hard to describe on the internet but it’s basically a reversible ratcheting screwdriver that you can put any kind of head into — for IKEA, mainly philips and allen heads. Nuts to those little tools that come with the product, says me.

    The other nearly as indispensable tool is a box of wine.


  2. D – yeah, I used to always use their little Allen wrench nub plus my own screwdriver, but this time I used my power drill/screwdriver which comes with the regular bits and screw heads as well as an Allen head. It was AWESOME. I was all POWERRRRR TOOOOOOLZ!

    I don’t know if you have ever bought the “wine cube” at Target, but this used to be my mainstay on BSG nights with Shoseph and Suomichris. It broke my heart to find out that Targets in New Wye do not sell wine. It was the best boxed wine EVER.

    M – That looks like a spam comment, dude.


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