My Cute Dog Being Cute

Have you missed seeing my cute dog, lately, friends of the internet? In the event that you are yearning for some quality photos of an adorable and mischievous dachshund, please allow me to present to you the following:

Here you will observe my dog in the moments immediately prior to destroying this red souvenir lobster (a memento of my friends’ “Rock Lobster” -themed birthday prom last year).  At first he seemed gentle and tentative as he stole the lobster from its hiding place, but soon he began to show some concern.


This lobster concerns me. I am concerned.

Like Tim Gunn looking at a dress in progress in the workroom at Parson’s, the dog wasn’t sure what to make of the lobster. Did it, perhaps, need some careful editing? As it turned out, the lobster did. Egon carefully “edited” both of its eyes and created a truly avant-garde hole in its face, deconstructing the classic stuffed animal and presenting an edgy, postmodern take on traditional lobstery.

Below, please observe one stage in the dog’s usual naptime burrowing process.


Would you like a dog nose? In your face? A dog nose in your face?

He drags a blanket next to me on the couch, carefully swaths his entire body (but for The Nose – never The Nose!) in blanketude, and then nestles up right along the side of my leg with his snout draped over me. It’s very adorable, unless The Nose should chance to press against my bare skin.  Yick.

And finally, today he happened upon this comfortable and luxurious sunbeam.


Why hyello. Welcome to my sunbeam. Please. Have a seat. Vould you like some Champagnya? OH NO. I SPILLED CHAMPAGNYA. ALL OVER YOUR BOOBS.

Wouldn’t you like to join him there? It is very comfortable, I assure you.  Only the finest in sunbeams for Egon and for you.


  1. I love the way dogs find the sole sunbeam in the house and zone in on it. Of course it means that during the day they have to keep on adjusting their position depending on where the sun is in the sky, and the direction the beams are taking, but it’s a small price to pay.


  2. Oh my gosh, SO cute. Rudi, my youngest (she’s 2 — can I call her a puppy anymore?) absolutely LOVES the sunbeams, but because she’s all black, every picture I take of her in them just looks WEIRD. She’s also taken to sitting just one hip on the couch. Like, I’m not REALLY sitting on the couch. You can’t yell at me, Mom. And I can’t. It’s too adorable.


  3. I really love the third picture. The strong sidelighting bestows –finally– upon Egon the gravitas he so richly deserves.


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