I Didn't Even Have to Use my A-K

I am back from my various travels and I have oodles of things to tell you, for example: how wonderful The Decemberists’ show was, how nice it was to see my family, how beautiful California continues to be, and how my little brother is living proof of the need for compulsory liberal arts education at all levels.  All of that will have to wait for another time, however, because I have spent the entire day teaching and catching up on errands and I have not even processed my photos yet! I know!

In other news, today has been a weirdly great day, especially coming as it does on the heels of chaotic busyness and stress.  Here I give you bullets:

  • I had a great first day with my first summer class – the incoming freshmen are so cute and funny I just want to take them all home with me. (If, however, you ever tell anyone I said this I will find you and I WILL cut you.)
  • I had to go to Downtown Neighboring Town to renew my car registration, and I got as far as being next in line only to realize I didn’t have (and did need) my proof of insurance.  It was not in the car.  I had to drive all the way back to my town, to my campus, and drive all around looking for parking so I could go into the office to print out a new insurance card.  Oddly, this did not even infuriate me.  I know. WTF.
  • They gave me one of the pretty new license plates!
  • While I was in Downtown Neighboring Town, I checked out a new-ish coffee shop I’d been meaning to try, got a delicious soy latte, and had a nice chat with the barista, who is from San Diego.  We talked about California-related things, of course.
  • I also finally found one of those trendy flat wallets at a reasonable price (80% savings!) in my favorite color – a previously thought-to-be-impossible feat!
  • I picked up the dogs from the boarder, freshly groomed and bandannaed (the dogs, not me), and they proceeded to nap cutely all afternoon.
  • I am having a fucking BRILLIANT hair day.  I don’t even know how it isn’t frizzy in this dehumanizing heat, but people,  I ain’t questioning it.

So tell me, how are you? Are you drunk as hell (but no throwing up)? Halfway home  and your pager blowing up? Did you have to use your A-K? Was today a good day?


  1. Oh, and also! :

    It’s ironic, I had the brew she had the chronic
    The lakers beat the SuperSonics
    I felt on the big fat fanny,
    Pulled out the jammy, and killed the poonanny.

    I just wanted to say poonanny.


  2. I must be the source of your good luck. I’ve had a disastrous week, so by the law of Conservation of Luck I got the wrong end of the stick:

    1. Rejected by woman (not older woman in this case)
    2. Wrong team won the Stanley Cup
    3. Have to travel Mon-Wed and must pass through France
    4. Frustrated with learning German
    5. Cannot find decent beer


  3. Well thanks for taking one for the team, then! I hope your week has improved.

    Re the learning of German, I remember being very frustrated with that when I lived there, too, but before long I had it (mostly) down. You’ll get the hang of it soon! For me the key was to have a few patient friends who could help me out.


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