My Dilemmas, Let Me Show You Them.

Dilemma #1: The weather forecast predicts thunderstorms all day long today and, in fact, all week.  I am supposed to go pick up my bicycle, test it out, and get everything adjusted and fitted and whatnot this afternoon.  If the weather forecast is correct, not only will I not be able to ride it home, but I doubt I will even be able to really test ride it.

Dilemma #2: I noticed a leak in the ceiling above my shower yesterday, apparently coming from the apartment upstairs.  I called the apartment management and asked them to come look at it and then made sure the dog was confined to another room before leaving.  Unfortunately, the apartment managers said they won’t be able to call me and let me know whether anyone has come by because it will be “too hectic” during the day.  So, after I come home this afternoon, I will have no way of knowing whether to confine the dog if I go out again. I will have no way of knowing, in fact, if anyone has come by at all ALL DAY and thus no way of knowing whether to confine the dog again tomorrow, not to mention what is being done about it all.

Both of my dilemmas seem to be water-based.  Fucking water. The worst part is that I can’t really do anything about either dilemma except Wait and See.  I hate Waiting and Seeing.


  1. Maybe leave out a pen and paper and they can leave you a note if they came to check the leak? Seriously lame that they claim to not be able to tell you whether or not anyone was there. I call shenanigans!


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