Further Scenes from a Nap: The Less Cute Version

Today has been kind of a sucky day, I’ll be honest.  In spite of the success of The Project over all, I do still get those days where I feel lousy, lazy, and generally not 100%.

I’ve had a low-grade, half-assed, not-worth-painkillers kind of almost-migraine headache for a couple of days now and because of all those qualifiers I have been able to ignore it and go on with life.  Meanwhile, a small part of my brain has been asking me why on earth I would be getting a migraine since it is neither the day before my Special Lady Time nor the day after consuming Special Quantities of Alcohol* (those are the main times I get migraines).

At any rate, whether I was really due for a migraine or not, it blossomed into its voluptuous, fully formed, eye-blindingly painful state this morning before class.  Let me tell you how much I appreciated that timing: not much. After class, I found myself at home on the couch with the dog all Imitrexed-up (myself, not the dog) and fearing with every fiber of my being that this would be the day the apartment managers sent out a repair crew equipped with loud and destructive tools to fix my ceiling leak.  The timing there would really have been the perfect complement, don’t you agree?

Well, Reader, let me assure you that, in fact, no repair crew was sent.  On the bright side, I am now pain free and my drugged-out nap went largely undisturbed (I seem to remember texting a friend at some point but otherwise I don’t think I moved a muscle between 11:00 AM and 5:30 PM). On the dark side, I STILL HAVE A HUGE LEAK IN MY CEILING.


I had intended to spend my afternoon grading, going for a run, and generally being healthy and productive, but sadly I did the exact opposite of those things.  I hate it when an entire day is wasted. It reminds me in an unpleasant way how many entire days I used to waste without a second thought.  No like.  Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better.

*Allow me to mention that I have been booze free for at least 2 weeks. Sigh.  I used to be so cool.

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