Perfect Weekend

This weekend has been great so far – it’s been the first weekend since the start of June that I haven’t had huge piles of papers or tests waiting to be graded.  With freedom like this I usually don’t know what to do with myself, but not this time.  I actually made great use of the weekend if I do say so.

It started on Saturday morning when I found myself awake at 8:00 in the morning looking out at a perfectly blue, cloudless sky and thought it looked like the ideal morning for a bike ride.  I rode all around a new route and was the happy recipient of many friendly waves and “good mornings.” [This was not, as you can imagine, in my own neighborhood, where people are far more likely to be four-star  General Douchebags and Major Lamewads.] My ride, especially the hilly parts, went better than ever thanks to smarter gearing and remembering to bring a water bottle.

That afternoon I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my friend Brunbec, who had gone with me to the theater for the Harry Potter marathon earlier in the week where we caught films 3, 4, and 5.  We both thought the 6th one to be the best so far – the set design and location are all new in this one, and they are just breathtakingly gorgeous.

That night, Brunbec, Golightly and I spent a few hours floating in the pool and drinking cocktails, our favorite thing to do on a summer night.  If you have never tried drinking a cocktail while floating in a swimming pool, please allow me to suggest you do so. It will change your life – or at least your evening.  Best of all, thanks to The New Moderation, no hangover was to be had the next morning.

This afternoon the dog and I went on a lovely 2.5 mile walk. The dog was a real champ through it all, but collapsed in a cute, tired heap on the couch when we got back home.  As I write this now, I’ve got a big batch of seitan, red, & white bean jambalaya in the oven and I am feeling pretty fucking satisfied with myself.

So, how was your weekend?  Please to regale me with your tales!


  1. I was pretty lazy and, due to some late-night carousing with Beth Friday night, a little hungover this weekend. My motivation is dwindling, but not shot, but I want to make my comment about the dog-walking thing.
    Dear gods, where to start? Thursday night I went out a-walking with the Phred of lore, who is not a dalliance, but a girl named Phred. I took Nico, thinking he would enjoy the exercise, etc. Not only did he punk like a bitch (take that as you will) but he also lolled and rolled in a mud puddle the size of my living room on the way home from the walk. Needless to say, I had to bathe him when I got home, at 9:30 at night, on a Thursday.
    The entire weekend, Nico has been playing The Pitiful. Like that, capitalized. He limped. He whined. I worried over an emergency trip to the vet. This morning, I noticed his left back paw was skinned. Not bleeding or necessarily worrisome, but he was licking it like no tomorrow.
    Lesson=when you don’t take your big-ass, seems-like-he-can-do-anything dog for a 4-mile walk, NOT SO MUCH.
    I feel terrible. Nico is STILL being pitiful (even though I now know it’s not vet-worthy), but I’m pretty sure he will never go for a *walk* with me again.
    I am the worst dog-owner ever. Good thing I didn’t try and over-exert my kid, or I have no doubt CPS would be here in a heartbeat. Please don’t tell PETA. I feel guilty enough as it is.


  2. Oh WOW. First of all, FOUR MILES. NICE.

    Second of all, poor Nico! I’m sure he’ll heal up fine. He must not be used to that much walking on the pavement since he usually goes out in the grass. It just would never occur to me that a long walk could skin a dogs paw like that!


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