Attention RSS Feed Readers!

I apologize for switching (temporarily?) to a truncated feed.  Please click through to read the whole post and hopefully help me out by answering a question.

I’m testing out using truncated RSS feeds (for some convoluted personal reasons – ask me via email if you must know).  If you’re reading this via RSS, can you let me know how much appeared in your feed reader and which feed reader you use? Thanks a million!


  1. I got the first sentence to “help me out,” & I use Eventbox, which grabs it from my Google Reader. (I don’t know if it changes any from google to eventbox.)


  2. Thanks for the feedback you guys.

    SO, is it AWFUL to use truncated feeds and make people click over? It’s somewhat a privacy issue: I can deny access to certain IPs but they could still read the RSS. Hence, this move. I don’t want to have to go password-protected.


  3. I use NetNewsWire (Mac) and I got the first paragraph all the way up to “answering a question.” It’s not AWFUL though I do find it annoying to have to click through, but it’s even worse when there is no indication that I need to click through. I seem usually to get a whole paragraph instead of truncated sentences, so if the feed/program/whatever doesn’t tell me to click through, I often just think the author is being strangely concise lately.


  4. Got to “answering a question” on yahoo. Didn’t get the separate box I used to, just a little highlighted balloon and then clicked through to your blog.


  5. I’m using Google translator, which displays the whole damn thing en Francais (albeit with original English in floaty bubbles). Google translator effectively acts as a proxy mask, BTW.

    I tried calling you, but no joy. Gimme a ring whenever. Sometimes, I sleep; sometimes, I don’t ;).

    Apparently, I can’t post through Google Translator. I had to find another method of accomplishing that.


  6. Thanks everyone! It looks like the feed was doing what I wanted, but I’m going to switch back to the regular feed. As Bart pointed out, google translator and regular old google cache basically invalidate any privacy measures I would take anyway.

    It also turns out the problem doesn’t have anything to do with my blog, anyway. So.


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