Sustained by a Dream, a Dream of Cheeseburgers

Every single day this week has felt like it was Friday.  Even Monday pretty much felt like a Friday.  Every afternoon after I’ve finished teaching, I have thought to myself, “Well, at least I can go home and relax tonight because I don’t have anything to do tomorrow except OH SHIT TEACH OH SHIT TODAY IS COMPLETELY NOT EVEN FRIDAY AT ALL LIKE SO NOT EVEN CLOSE.”

So it has been a long, frustrating week.

Every morning I have been waking up with the same horrible feeling: the feeling that I have been run over by a truck, flattened out and squished, had my insides removed with a giant ice-cream scoop, and yet am still expected to carry on with my day and my responsibilities like any normal, non-squished, non-scooped-out person.

Luckily, I have decided to take the day off tomorrow – I can do that, see, because I am the teacher and therefore the boss of you them.

Also luckily, I have a little mini-break scheduled for this weekend.  I’ll be visiting Clarabella and along with Ruby we will be running and/or walking in a 5K, after which we plan to enjoy generous adult libations and tasty grilled burgers.  This is truly a light at the end of the tunnel that this week has been.

So tell me, what thoughts are sustaining you on this hump day?


  1. The thoughts that sustain me this hump day are those that may have me owning: {redacted]

    as my home.

    Perhaps you can redact after viewing.


  2. Basically, I’ve got nothing but an empty glass of wine at the moment. The knowledge that there is more wine in the fridge is keeping me from hurling said empty glass through the window. I have to pack because I’m leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning (omg at 7am and I’M NEVER UP AT 7AM), but instead of packing, I’ve decided to drink wine and pretend I don’t have anything to do. Awesome, I know.


  3. C – Naps! So sustaining!

    J – Hooray for home ownership! (Also, sorry, I thought I redacted that at first but I’ve got it fixed now.)

    K – Wine is also very sustaining! And, BONUS! the adventure of packing for a trip while tipsy can lead the still more exciting adventure of figuring out an outfit from whatever you have managed to bring, once you get to your destination. Have fun!


  4. Things that sustain me – on Monday the 10th of August I give notice. This will cause some amount of chaos and turmoil at my office. Not caring is the most liberating feeling I’ve had since the first time I read The Stranger.


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