Starry Eyed and Fantastic, Just Not in the Good Way

Just a quick update to get that nasty post off the top of the page.  I do feel awful for complaining about that student, but hey, that’s what blogs are for.  Sometimes they are, anyway.

So in further complaints, I came down with a nasty, nasty cold all of a sudden last night and in spite of it I still had to move into my new upstairs office today.  It’s been one of those long days where it felt like it should be 5:00 already when it was only, like, noon. Nonetheless, I have gotten everything crossed off my list that needed to be crossed, so I plan on spending the evening nurturing myself with hot tea and TV.  The most exciting part of my night, I expect, will be the moments after I take a dose of Nyquil when I’ll feel all starry eyed and fantastic before I’ll ultimately fall unconscious in my comfy, comfy bed.  It’ll be just like getting wasted without all the calories and the moral turpitude.

I hope you are all feeling well and hale on this Friday evening.  Tell me, since my plans are so lame, what are you doing this weekend? I need to live vicariously.  If you’re not really doing anything exciting, you know, just invent something fabulous.


  1. A cold in August! Phooey! Hope that clears up soon.

    As for me, I’m boxing up stuff for another move. Actually, that will be two moves in two weeks. I too moved offices at The Bank (why do we keep duplicating each other??) and now I am moving out of The Apartment and into The House.

    I really, really do not enjoy déménagements.


  2. My glamorous Friday night included finishing my syllabus at a coffee shop, buying seltzer, watching What Not to Wear, getting vaguely annoyed at the boy, snapping out of it, writing an abstract for my grant proposal, and watching Flight of the Conchords. Saturday forecast: much of the same, though subbing seltzer-buying with seltzer-drinking and minus the annoyance I hope.


  3. Feel better! I just dealt with the Plague of Mucus-y Death this week, and am now back to my regular self. In fact, I went out and bought a new mattress (pillow top! feels like a marshmallow!), a hedge trimmer (my first power tool! that’s mine! not a boy’s!), and have put away three week’s worth of laundry. I’m sorry, I can’t make my weekend sound any more exciting than that.


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