Three Brief PSAs

1. On Commenting: I love comments.  The more the merrier, so please feel free to leave a comment!

2. On Whether it is You: Ever since I mentioned in this post that “there will always be people reading who I wish weren’t and vice versa,” everybody seems to think it is them I don’t want reading the site.  Here’s how to tell if it’s you I was referring to:  did I block your IP address from reading and commenting, and have you had to access the site via some proxy server and resort to leaving comments under a fake name? If not, it’s not you I was talking about.  Everyone else is welcome.

3. On Working Out Where Your Students Do: No matter how long you have been going to yoga at your school’s gym without seeing a student and no matter how comfortable and relaxed you have become about it, you must never become overconfident. One day, one of your current students will waltz into your yoga class like it’s some kind of free country and they have a right to be there. CONSTANT VIGILANCE.


  1. I was so enjoying the fact that there are no comments on this here exhortation to comment that I have had to say so, thus murdering my source of enjoyment in one dastardly blow.

    N.B. swimming where your students swim is worse than gymming where your students gym. There are few things less dignified than me pickled in chlorine and but-for-my-goggles-and-speedos naked.


  2. A – You crack me up. I thought it was funny, too, like my friends are deliberately setting out to get my goat! Re the swimming. Oh, dear god. I have only just started swimming at the campus pool, and last time I was there I saw a former student. My mind was racing, all, “oh shit oh shit oh shit” the entire time, but then I realized there was no way he’d recognize me with a swim cap and goggles on. Also, thankfully, I exited the far end of the pool and grabbed my towel with a quickness. Still. Yikes.

    MCE – Happy to bring the laffs!


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