Whole Wheat Pizza Dough = WIN!

When I lived in Zembla, my apartment was across the street from the Zembla-owned equivalent of Whole Foods (Whole Foods, being too big and corporate for us Zemblans, was not allowed to move into our town). I could pop over there and buy fresh pizza dough from the refrigerated section any time I wanted. It ruled.

Since I’ve been here in New Wye, though, where no such options are available, I have been meaning to try making my own pizza dough for ages. I finally did it!

Uh, I made it look "rustic" on purpose, of course!

Uh, I made it look "rustic" on purpose, of course!

Of course, making your own dough is better than buying the pre-fab stuff like Boboli for many obvious reasons: it’s not full of weird preservatives or chemicals, you can decide what goes in it, and it’s cheaper. Would you believe the Boboli brand crusts cost $5.oo and they come with cheese baked in? Argh.  I just thought for some reason that making my own would be time consuming, messy, and annoying. I’m happy to have been wrong about that!

With a simple side salad and a glass of red wine, this is a lovely and easy dinner!

With a simple side salad and a glass of red wine, this is a lovely and easy dinner!

It was fun getting my hands in some dough again after a bit of a baking hiatus. This was a breeze to make and I even saved half the batch for use later in the week. I used the recipe here. It calls for mixing the dough in a food processor though I have no idea why. Half the fun of making dough is mixing it with your hands, which only takes a couple of minutes anyway. Try it! It’s seriously so easy. Oh, and delicious.

I’m making up a batch of my baked tofu tomorrow so I can 1) remember the recipe by doing and 2) take some pictures. Recipe coming soon!


  1. Homemade pizza – YUM!
    If you decide to give another recipe a go, I’d highly recommend Smitten Kitchen’s pizza crust:

    I have done it twice now & both times it cooperated & came out tasting like a crust from a delicious pizzeria. (It’s too bad you’re not eating cheese, because the lemon/zucchini/goat cheese pizza she does is DOUBLE-YUM.)

    Anyway, regarding another post: your tofu recipe + peanut sauce looks really tasty! I might give it a try sometime soon. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Cool, thanks for the link! I will definitely try it out. Now that I know how easy it is I’m sure I’ll be making pizza dough all the time. Mmmm.


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