I shall soothe my worries with Indian food.

My computer still refuses to work, but I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow. In the city, two hours away, in a different time zone. Where they will surely charge me all my moneys to fix it. To quote Liz Lemon, “BLURG.”

Tonight I am heading out to try the new Indian restaurant that just opened in our little town. I have high hopes that a dose of aloo gobi and a Kingfisher will cure what ails. What ails me, I mean. Not the computer. If only! (If you happen to know that aloo gobi contains some secret animal product such as butter, please don’t tell me.)

In other news, the weather still sucks! We have hurricane-periphery-related grossness happening. One of my poor students came into class today with an umbrella that had been completely destroyed by the wind and rain — fabric torn off, spokes bent in 87 crazy directions, handle hanging askew. He flounced (yes) into the room, dramatically hurled it into the trash can, and heaved himself into his seat with a sigh. Dude, I SO know what you mean.

I hope things are better with you guys! What are you up to? Do tell! I’d love an amusing story!


  1. Hmm, took The Boy to the doctor today, where he ran around like a crazy man in the waiting room, acting for all the world like he was the least sick kid in the universe. I even got a few disapproving stares from other mothers. Eh. Whatever.
    Of course, he was shortly thereafter diagnosed with a double ear infection that made even the Doctor cringe. Mother of the year, here, for waiting 2 weeks to finally make it to the doctor.
    His medicine, ahem, generic, with insurance, cost $50. I am assuming it is made of plutonium and will get him well AND give him super powers. That’s all I got for today.
    Oh, and he almost got attacked by the book store’s cat before barreling out the open door onto the square, at which time I flung the books down I was about to buy (one for YOU, in fact!) and chased his little sickness. Ahh. Another day for the book store, I suppose.
    Mmmm, aloo gobi.


  2. Well, that’s not fun! Poor kid. I can’t believe generic antibiotics could be that expensive. Also, now I am curious as you what you were buying in the bookstore! HMMM…


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