A Lovely Evening of Gadgets, Thai Food, and Television

Bonjour, mes ami(e)s! I’m in an excellent mood tonight! Thanks to my friends’ helpful advice and recommendations I went out today and found a great little netbook at a great price and I am happily typing away on it right now! It’s very cute and does everything I need. (One of these, blue, 10″ screen, no the keyboard doesn’t bother me.) It’s also saving my ass while I wait for my MacBook to be repaired.  I’ve got a to-do list a mile long and now, thankfully, I can actually do it.

In non-gadget-related news, the school semester is nearly over.  I know I say this every semester, but it feels like it barely just began.  I have no idea how it could be almost Thanksgiving! How will I get everything done before Christmas? At the same time, these 16-week semesters still manage to feel unbearably long. I’m used to the 10-week terms in the quarter system we used back in Zembla.  Every now and then, once we’re into week 11 of the semester (and beyond), I find myself darkly muttering about how if we were in Zembla on the quarter system I would already be well shut of the students and never have to see their faces again.  Oh well! The grass is always browner on both sides of the fence, as I always say, so there’s no point in comparing.

And now I’m afraid I must bring this post to a close.  I have a belly full of tofu curry and the newest episode of Project Runway is awaiting my attention.  It’s a miracle I haven’t had the outcome spoiled for me via either Twitter or Facebook yet, so I need to watch it before that happens.

[SIDEBAR:  Seriously, people on the internet just LOVE to broadcast the plots of television shows — I have this one friend on Facebook who updates his status continuously throughout every episode of House. Why, Why, Robbie, WHY? Ahem. Sorry. As you can see, this sort of thing upsets me.  I am the person who even refuses to read movie reviews before seeing the movie, so afraid am I that I will learn what happens before I get a chance to watch it unfold.]

And so onward I must go! Onward, to television! Good evening.

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