A Call for Assistance!

Dear internet friends! I require your assistance!  Do you have any questions you would like me to answer? Topics you would like me to write about? Ideas? Suggestions?

If so, please post in the comments below. Coming up with an actually interesting post each and every day of the month is proving difficult. Just like Ned Flanders’ beatnik parents on The Simpsons, I’ve tried nothing and I’m ALL OUTTA IDEAS, MAN.

One Comment

  1. i was going to ask about your teaching philosophy based on the job search tweet, but it looks like that one was already in the hopper. maybe something about your time in germany, or something about your love of languages? i would like to hear about what you’re reading for pleasure these days, and/or recommendations of good fiction. along those lines, a favorite/recommended/recently seen movies post perhaps? maybe a detective fiction post?


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