Running and Vampires: A Good Start to the Break

On the first (unofficial) day of my Thanksgiving break, I actually got up at 7:00 AM to go running.  I suck at vacations.  Now, I did not actually step out the door at that hour.  What I did was slowly putter around feeding the animals, getting dressed, checking email, and sitting on the couch and staring into space.  I turned the TV on for a while and tried to be lazy, but eventually I found myself heading out before 8:00 to do my 4.5 miles.

Due to a problem with my GPS thingy on my phone, I wound up running quite a bit farther than planned — after I got home, I checked the recorded map only to find that it had tracked my run as if I had zig-zagged across the block a few times, ostensibly leaping across fences and buildings.  If I had done that instead of running around that last block like a normal mortal, I guess I could have covered all that distance while only running 4.8 miles, as the GPS indicated, but it turns out that I actually ran 5.25 miles.  That’s officially the farthest I have ever run! But it’s still 2.25 miles shy of what I’ll have to do for the 12K race next month.  I’m finally starting to feel like that distance will be completely manageable.

In other news, I went to see the newest installment of the Twilight movie franchise, New Moon. Yes, on opening day. Yes, like a huge nerd.  I give the movie an A+ for the prevalence of hot, shirtless dudes.  If you’d like to hear any more of my thoughts on it, however (and I promise not all my thoughts are lasciviously motivated), you’ll have to wait until I feel like posting a proper review.


  1. Well, they’ve gone as close as they could get and still have it be teenager appropriate, really. Lots and lots of scenes of the guys in nothing but their shorts. You’ll hear no complaints from me!


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