Brief Thanksgiving Report

I am now comfortably ensconced at the home of one Clarabella and am feeling sate and happy and full of carbs after our amazing holiday feast.  On the table appeared the following dishes: Turkey, dressing, gravy, vegan “Celebration Roast” (not technically a Tofurkey but in the same spirit), cranberry sauce, fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes, kale, C’s grandmother’s (veganized) vegetable casserole, bread, salad, and butternut squash soup.  We haven’t even gotten to the pumpkin pie yet.

I could easily just curl up and fall asleep right now, even though it is only 7:00 in the evening.  What a lovely and delicious and relaxing evening.  I am thankful for many things this year — too many to list here — but at this moment I am especially thankful that I have this week off, that my phone has remained ignored in my bag all day, that I have friends to share the day with, and that no one has opened a can of asparagus in my presence.

If you have anything to be thankful for today, I wouldn’t mind reading all about it.

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