My Tree is Lit; My Tofurkey is Thawing. Now Bring Me a Soy Nog and Don't Hold the Brandy!

It may be my winter break, but I have still managed to be busy, busy, busy. I am getting ready for my dad and brother’s visit down here for the holiday, which entails a lot of cleaning, organizing, and planning. I realized that it was all fine and good that I had a Christmas tree, but it would be even better if I had presents to go under it. Likewise, the vegan Christmas dinner I am planning would be best presented on the surface of, say, a dining table instead of a coffee table. Just for example.

IKEA to the rescue, as usual! I found a very cute, simple, glass-topped table and four chairs for a very reasonable price, and got it all assembled just now. I have even managed to find a few presents that are, I hope, not entirely lame and/or thoughtless. (I am bad at shopping for my male family members. What do boys even like? Worse yet, they always already have everything they would want. Sigh.) But at any rate, I think it’s shaping up to be a top-notch Christmas chez moi.

I’m just a little nervous about it because I have never hosted for a holiday before and my family are all omnivores and I am making them a Tofurkey and on and on. It’ll be good though. I just can’t forget the brandy for the egg soy nog. I think anyone can forgive me for serving soy nog if there’s enough brandy in, right?

In other holiday news, I mailed out my cards and mix CDs to all you lovely people earlier today, so be on the lookout for an envelope from me. I hope you all enjoy it! I do have to warn you that there is one oh-sweet-fancy-moses unbelievably cheesy song on there — you’ll know the one when you hear it — but I just couldn’t HELP MYSELF. I had to do it. HAD TO.

And, to bring this holiday post to a close, I offer you a photograph of my dog in front of the tree, 1980s Polaroid style.


“Happy Holidays,” says Cap’n Snuggles, “now why is there no giant rawhide bone under this tree?”


  1. It sounds just lovely! I am only sad that the card/cd will come while we are in Philly & I won’t have the chance to listen to it while we’re there. But! It will be a lovely surprise when we come home. Happy Christmas!


  2. Dang, too bad about the timing. But it’ll be there when you get back.

    Also, I am feeling much more optimistic and relaxed after finally getting my laundry done, house clean, and pre-cookable foods pre-cooked.

    Tomorrow: Must remember to buy wine (couldn’t buy it today as I went to the store before noon and it was Sunday. Feh.).


  3. Love the picture, and sounds like you’ll have a positively lovely Christmas. We’re still figuring out our plans, but it looks like we’re hosting for an ever-expanding number of people, so, you know, wish me luck. It would be easier to work ahead if I didn’t have jury duty this week!


  4. My disc arrived in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much. Last year’s edition lived in my car’s CD player for a good chunk of the winter. Happy holidays!

    I still need to give tofurkey a shot one of these days.


  5. Yay! It made it all the way to you, and relatively fast! That means everyone else should soon be getting or have already gotten theirs. Happy Holidays to you, too!


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