Good Developments

Greetings, fellow people of the internet! School starts back tomorrow, whether I am ready or not. Luckily I am ready for my courses — all prepped and photocopied and everything — but I am not really ready for the business of work itself. I have no clean laundry! I think I can scrounge a couple of clean outfits until I have time to get it done, but sheesh. Not the way I wanted to start the week. Maybe I will be able to get some done later tonight?

Anyway, in other news, my half marathon training continues apace. I ran my longest distance yet yesterday — nine miles. It was a perfect run until (as always happens) my hamstrings and knees felt too stiff during the final mile. It’s always just the last mile when that happens, no matter how many miles I have done up to that point, which seems to indicate that this is a psychological thing. Regardless, getting back to a regular yoga class couldn’t hurt. More importantly, at these longer distances, I have been exploring new neighborhoods streets, finding new little parks and creeks and gardens, and seeing my town in a new way.

I also just loving my new camera and Project 365 for a similar reason. On so many occasions I have gone out for a walk or a trip I might not have done otherwise, just for the express purpose of taking photographs. On other occasions, I have seen things right in my own neighborhood that I never would have noticed before had I not been walking around with an eye to photography. Anything that gets me out in the world seeing things in a new way has got to be a good development.

Here are a couple of recent favorites from Project 365:

[8/365] Loved Graffiti

[8/365] Loved Graffiti

Spotted on my walk to school, when I went a way I almost never go. Such nice graffiti. I find the stenciled aspect of it interesting, too.

[10/365] Bicycle Fence (Attempt One)

[10/365] Bicycle Fence (Attempt One)

These people in my neighborhood have built an entire fence out of old bicycles. I keep wanting to photograph it, and today when I finally dragged my camera up the hill to do so, there was a car parked in front of it and a pile of recycling in the way. This was the best I could do, but the fence is unbelievably awesome, so I shall try again soon!

Well, I have less than 24 hours before I am back in the classroom, so I think I am going to try to relax as much as possible while I can. And maybe, just maybe, try to do some laundry. We’ll see.


  1. You know, it would be really cool to print out the wall and frame that. At the risk of being a total cheese, that’s something I think we could all use a little help remembering, you know?

    Happy day before going back to work!


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