Weekend Update

Well, it’s been a while, huh? I’m alive and have survived, barely, the first week of the semester. It’s always so frantic between getting started in the new courses and figuring out what my schedule will be like. I shan’t bore you with all of those details, though.

Suffice it to say that with the teaching schedule I have this semester, my off days are even more precious and appreciated than usual.

[15/365] Happy Hour!

[15/365] Happy Hour!

We started the weekend Friday Happy Hour Style and I even went to a Saturday morning yoga class with my friend B.

[16/365] Gloomy Weekend

[16/365] Gloomy Weekend

[17/365] Coffee!

[17/365] Coffee!

Otherwise, though, it has been gray and rainy and gloomy, and I have been thoroughly enjoying my laziness by lounging on the couch, taking naps with the dog, sipping coffee, and catching up on all the DVRed shows from the past week. Perhaps boring, but the perfect way to spend the weekend, in my opinion.

Speaking of television, are you watching Dollhouse? If not, it is probably partly your fault that Fox has canceled it and therefore you are now on my Enemies List. If you are watching Dollhouse, then I do not need to tell you the following two things but will anyway: 1) Friday’s episode was great and 2) OMG there is only ONE EPISODE LEFT. Also, allow me to add that 3) I weep.

In more exciting news, my fatty fat cat has lost a whopping seven ounces from her burly frame. A cause to celebrate!

Human, I Grow Weary of This "Camera."

Human, I Grow Weary of This “Camera.”

All the endless hours of her whining in front of an empty food bowl have, in some small way, paid off. The cat, however, does not seem entirely thrilled by this development. Doesn’t she realize that with her newer, sleeker body, she wil now surely be more likely to attract cats of the opposite sex; fit into smaller, more fashionable cat clothes; and maybe one day sit at the popular table in the cat-feteria? Oh wait, nevermind.

You may have noticed that I did not mention my usual glorious long weekend run. Well. I have had to take the entire week off from running because I think I am/was developing a case of the dreaded Goddamned Motherfucking Runner’s Knee (sorry, don’t let that medical terminology throw you off). My hamstrings and calves are ridiculously tight, and with no yoga over the holiday break they got worse, especially on the right side, which I think caused and/or exacerbated the problem. Sigh. I am going to try a short run on Tuesday (at which point I will have had 9 days off) and see what happens. I would like to stay on pace for the half marathon in Birmingham on Feb 14th, but if forced to choose between sticking to that plan and avoiding injury, I’d obviously prefer the latter. I am back in yoga 2-3 times per week, rolling out my calves and hamstrings on the foam roller, and hoping for the best. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So how was your weekend, friends? Leave a comment and make me jealous of your fabulousity!


  1. Oooh, Flannery is looking lovely and svelte, and my fingers are quadruple crossed that you don’t have the painful terror that is the runner’s knee!


  2. She is a seriously handsome cat.

    Condolences to your knee. There’s nothing like a bung knee to make you realise how strategically significant knees are. I tore a ligament early last year (it took two full weeks to heal, and then it was completely better). The doctor recommended cycling while it was healing, on the grounds that strengthening the muscles on either side of the joint helps to support it, or something.


  3. Dollhouse has been surprisingly entertaining from the beginning. The Echo-dominated opening credits are irksome, considering the great work done by the entire cast – especially Victor as the serial killer, then KIki, then Topher v2.

    Though I rarely buy DVD’s any longer, I will be buying Dollhouse Seasons 1 and 2 when they come out as a ‘Complete Series’ boxed set.

    Sorry to hear about the running injuries! I know you were really enjoying all that dashing about, so I hope you’re feeling better soon!


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