Helpful Haiti Links

I have been feeling a little silly coming over here and blathering away about my insignificant personal life lately, what with the current situation in Haiti (which today, after a massive aftershock quake, seems to be getting worse, if that were even possible).  At any rate, I’m sure you’ve all been inundated with information, images, stories, and links about Haiti, but I do feel the need to throw in a few of my own, so bear with me here:

Pictures from Haiti
Donate through the Red Cross from your cell phone
Donate through the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
Donate through Médecins sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders

Hopefully if you are interested in making a small donation you can find an appropriate way to do so.

And now that I have gotten that out there (I really couldn’t not), we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming of silliness and insignificance around here, which will resume shortly, after I take a nap and rid myself of this headache that has been hanging around since yesterday and I haven’t even been drinking. (See? Plenty of nonsense to be had.)

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