Ten Things

1. I have just eaten the most random and slapdash dinner ever. It was one of those affairs where I didn’t have a meal in mind and was missing certain elements to a lot of my usual dishes, so I threw together everything I had and then doused it in peanut sauce.

2. I love it when I make peanut sauce because it is so delicious, but I also hate it when I make peanut sauce because it is so delicious.

3. I have been going to a 6:00 AM yoga class every Tuesday and Thursday morning, which is so godawfully early that it makes me want to hold my head in my hands and weep. Did you know that in order to be ready in the studio with your shoes off and your mat unfurled at 6:00, you actually have to wake up and get out of bed and leave the house well before 6:00? Shocking.

4. Unrelated, I’m sure, but I have been sleeping in yoga pants and a sports bra on Monday and Wednesday nights.

5. They say it takes twenty-one days to make something into a habit. This is week two of the class, so hopefully by the end of next week, I will look upon this getting-up-at-5:20-AM-on-my-off-days business as simply a grim fact of routine and not something worth whining about at length on the internet. Let us hope.

6. It has taken me almost three years of living in my town to realize that our campus has an old track (once used by the track & field team but no more now that they have a new one) that regular folks like me can use. I know! I am going to try it out tomorrow morning, maybe, if it isn’t thunderstorming.

7. My knees seem to be doing much better and I even survived a treadmill run on Tuesday. If tomorrow’s run goes well, it’s a ten miler on Saturday and if that goes well then the half marathon on 2/14/10 is on. Like Donkey Kong. Fingers crossed, still, please!

8. It is almost 9:00 and thus I only have time for one television show before bed (see items 3-5). You know what I’m going to watch? Castle. Oh indeed. Y’all know my love for any kind of detective narrative, but add in the utterly delicious Nathan Fillion and I am helpless to resist.

9. This link takes you to a google image search for the aforementioned Nathan Fillion. Ladies, you’re welcome.

10. Because we had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day, today was my first day of teaching this week. Some might find it annoying for a Wednesday to have the feel of a Monday, but I find it glorious that a day that feels like a Monday is actually a Wednesday and is hence only followed by one more day before Friday. Just my opinion here, but I’ll say it again in all caps: GLORIOUS. If you’re here in the U.S., I hope your workplace gave you Monday off, as well. If you did have to work on Monday, then congratulations, friend, you are more than halfway through your week! Hope it’s treating you well.


  1. I can’t believe there are people that can get up before 6 on a regular basis. Congrats to you for pulling it off! One of my co-workers left home today at 4-frickin-30 to catch the ferry so she could be in the office by 6. Her willpower is truly unfathomable.


  2. This week’s episode of Castle is good. Enjoy it.
    I have all my fingers’ crossed for your half marathon. My knee hurts tonight too, but I’m hoping it’s because of the harder surface I ran on today rather than anything else. We shall see. I see a hot bath in my near future.
    It occurred to me that I may not be able to use the school’s track b/c it may only be for the athletes. I hope that’s not the case.


  3. K – yeah, it’s painful I’m just hoping I’ll get used to it sooner rather than later! It’s completely worth it, though, because I’m done at the gym by 8:00 and the rest of the days is mine.

    C – That WAS a good episode of Castle! Good luck with the running – if your knees or shins are hurting, you may want to tweak the schedule so you have two rest days in between each run day (which makes it take longer than a week to do one of their “weeks”). I did that when my shinsplints were bugging me.


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