Fun & Laziness

It has been a completely lovely weekend around these parts, let me tell you. Friday night, after having made it through a hectic short work week, a huge group of us faculty-type people went out to 8th & Rail, a cute local venue, to see the band Girlyman and celebrate my friend Brunbec’s birthday.

[22/365] Girlyman

[22/365] Girlyman

The band is a folk-pop group with lots of tight harmonies, funny banter, and a set that definitely could have been longer. I would see them again, and if they’re in your area you might want to check them out. You can listen to a few songs on their website if you’re so inclined.

[I am enjoying the non-anonymous aspect of this blog once again, because it means I can actually tell you things like which band I saw or where I went, which I never used to do before.]

At dinner beforehand, I ordered a mysterious vegetarian plate that was said to consist of “fruits and vegetables chosen especially for you.” Even our waiter couldn’t be sure what would be involved, but this is what it turned out to be:

Vegetarian Dinner at Jimmy's

Vegetarian Dinner at Jimmy’s

Not too shabby.

Yesterday was my first long run in a while, and my knees held out for the 10.25 miles on my route, though I’m feeling a bit generally sore and stiff today. I think next week, after my 12 miler, I am going to have to dive into the world of the recovery ice bath (see the entertaining explanation w/pics here). Yes, that’s right, I am planning to submerge my lower body into a tub of ice water. For fifteen minutes. On purpose. Oh, the things we do for love.

[23/365] Wine, Glorious Wine!

Wine, Glorious Wine!

[24/365] Roasted Red Pepper for Pizza

[24/365] Roasted Red Pepper for Pizza

The rest of my weekend has consisted of homemade pizza, which I’ve been making almost every weekend since my discovery of this easy recipe for whole wheat crust, a bottle of pinot noir, and some catching up on films I missed in the theater. I watched Jennifer’s Body and (500) Days of Summer, both of which I really, really liked, and The Invention of Lying, which was — despite the presence of Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner, both of whom I love — merely okay. At the moment I am watching the Lifetime Original Movie The Pregnancy Pact (starring Thora Birch of Ghost World fame), which is really bad, as expected, but not hilariously bad, as was hoped.

There’s a busy week ahead (as always, of course), so it’s good that I will be fortified by both fun and laziness. And pizza and wine, of course.


  1. I’m glad you liked (500) Days of Summer! I haven’t seen The Invention of Lying yet, but it’s in my Netflix queue, so I’ll get around to it. Have you seen In the Loop? I watched it last night, and it was really quite good.


  2. I watched The Invention of Lying this week, too, and while I thought the beginning was hilarious, I was utterly baffled by then end. Baffled. Even now, I’m not really sure what happened there.
    Jennifer’s Body was SO good. I’m going to buy it soon. I want to watch it over and over and over again.
    Aaaand, I totally meant to DVR that lifetime movie, and I forgot. But since I really only wanted it for comic relief, I guess I won’t be too upset to have missed it.
    Also, the ice bath sounds terrifying, although I bet that would’ve made me feel a lot better post-early 30DS. Glad I’m not getting sore like that anymore. Good luck with that.


  3. K – I have not seen that yet! I should add it to my queue.

    C – I agree with your assessment of IoL there. Also, so glad you’re not feeling incapacitatedly sore after the 30DS anymore! I bet an ice bath might have helped, but I think it is best, probably, to save such things for emergencies only. Heh.


  4. Sounds like a fun night out!

    I have serious doubts about the ice water bath though, even after reading the Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach post. I’d like to read a clinical study or two proving this has a measurable effect.


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