Taking Mississippi by Storm

I spent the past weekend shirking my work duties and hanging out in Mississippi with my two BFFs from college, Clarabella and Ememkay. Since C. lives in a neighboring state, we get to see each other relatively often, but with the third member of our great triumvirate living on the other side of the country, it’s rare that we all get together at once — the last time that happened was last March for Spring Break Vegas Style.

Last year, we had a blast eating fancy food (I ate my last seafood meal ever – diver scallops at Craft) and gallivanting around, but this year we had just as much fun being homebodies, playing with the toddlers and dogs, cooking, and drinking adult beverages. Clarabella’s almost-three-year-old son and Ememkay’s one-year-old boy had never met before, so it was fun to watch them playing together. I also got to get plenty of playtime and baby-snorgling in, all while never having to change a diaper or be financially responsible for a child – BONUS! Ha ha.

It’s hard to overstate just how much fun I have with these two ladies, who are truly two of my favorite people ever. I’m so glad I got to get out there this weekend, even if it meant coming back to a busier week on campus. We stayed up late Saturday night for cocktails and reminiscing and photos, during which time I took what is quite possibly (to me), the most hilarious/wonderful photo of all time. See if you can figure out which one that is.

The Weekend in Photos (click each photo to go through to flickr for titles and descriptions):

[34/365] Overstuffed

[35/365] Nico the Friendly Dog

[36/365] Animated Conversation

Cute Stemless Glasses

Half and Half Pizza

Nico and Wallace Wrestling

[37/365] Goofy Faces

Three Lovely Ladies

And now tell me – how was your weekend?


  1. Looks like so much fun. And you know me — my heart melted at the playing puppies. It’s so much cuter when you don’t have to listing to the grrrrrr, BARK BARK, gggrrrRRRRRRR all day.

    Glad you had a ball! Every girl needs that now and again!


  2. C – AWESOME!

    K – Well, the yellow dog there does have a crazy-ridiculously loud bark! He’s a foster dog staying with my friends temporarily, and I feel sorry for the guy. He was starving and living on the streets when he was found, and now he’s quite happy and well fed — but loud! But anyway, it’s hard to hold it against him.


  3. I know, right? Stupid job. If I didn’t have trips every weekend this month, I could have finagled something longer, but I’m a travelin’ fool until March.


  4. I like the blurred pic of the kids. I have no photography skills, and hadn’t realized until now that a blurry pic is a great way to capture the energy level of the munchkins.


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