Home Remedies

My half marathon is coming up on Sunday, and in addition to wondering whether we will be hit with snow or rain, I’ve been trying to fend off a possible cold. Nothing major, just that suspicious ear and throat feeling that usually betokens a week or so of snot and coughing.

[40/365] A Date with Mrs. Nappington

It’s been a good excuse to take plenty of naps, even extra-special, on-purpose, in-bed naps, which are so much more special than the allegedly accidental couch naps, aren’t they? Unfortunately, this is a particularly busy couple of weeks on campus, so my napping has been less frequent than I’d like. What to do?

Clearly, the next best cold-preventive practices include drinking tea, eating soup, and consuming plenty of anti-oxidants in the form of raspberries and dark chocolate. Clearly.

Today I went to the grocery store and it turned out to be one of those endless missions where I went in for a few fresh veggies and wound up walking all the aisles finding things I needed but had forgotten about (e.g. paper towels, CLIF bars, drain cleaner). Soon enough a produce run turns into $85 of random crap. But I digress.

[41/365] By Special Request

I was looking for the butternut squash to make some soup (see above re soup’s 100% legitimate scientific medical properties) and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Luckily, the Magical Grocery Dude was there. I swear, every single time I am at this Kroger, I see this guy stocking or organizing the produce and/or natural foods sections — the two places I spend most of my time, too. If I ever can’t find something, he always offers to go get me some from the back of the store. Today I asked for help with the squash, but unfortunately he misheard me and came back with a case of butter lettuce. D’oh. Nevertheless, he quickly came back with the squash and I was set! I love that little bald grocery dude. He has saved my dinner plans on more than one occasion.

So my cold seems to be held at bay for the moment, thanks to all the eating, drinking, and sleeping I’ve been up to lately. Let’s just hope that the streets of Birmingham aren’t covered with ice and snow on Sunday, and I think everything will be fine.


  1. feel better lady! wish i could be in bham with y’all next weekend. had a great time hanging out & will be thinking of you on the big run.


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