Now that my travel for the month has wound down, I am getting to a long, long list of to-dos that I was putting off until I’d have more time at home. Chief among them: doctors’ appointments. The dentist happened today, the lady doc (urgh) will take place soon, and I still need to set my eye appointment.

Although I had stupidly signed up for the cheaper “basic” dental insurance plan (curses, Past Kate!), the rest of my appointment went smoothly. I did not get scolded too terribly about my habits and the kind hygenist didn’t even yell at me for letting two years pass between cleanings. What can I say? When I move across the country it takes me a couple of years to get around to finding a new dentist.

In addition to all this medical-type body maintenance, I also plan to join the gym. Finally! I am so looking forward to the increased options I’ll have: spin class, body pump, more yoga, swim for triathlon…the possibilities make me shiver with glee. In order to make room in my monthly budget, though, I have had to cancel my cable. I kept my internet service (no way in HELL could I go without that) and they left me with the 10 or so free local channels. You know what this means, though? It means that I, after having become completely dependent on the luxury of my DVR, am now reduced to the indignity of watching live television, including commercials. I know. Life is hard sometimes for a middle class white singleton like me.

I can’t complain too much, though, can I? Even though my current health care package pales in comparison to what I had when I worked as a graduate teaching fellow and belonged to a union, I’m still lucky to have the health insurance I have; to be able to have regular doctors visits and such. Not everyone in my country has that option. I really hope those fools in the government can work something out in the way of real, significant health care reform. But I remain skeptical.

Well, I’ll keep from getting too political here, and instead just reiterate that I’m in a good position. I’m happy with the choices I’m making now, too. Choosing a gym membership over fancy cable and a DVR was the easiest decision ever — no internal debate needed. Now I just need to work out which item in my budget I can sacrifice in order to afford the haircut and highlights I need. Priorities indeed.


  1. Wait, can’t you get a TiVo?! I couldn’t live without the ability to record shows! I missed LOST last night, because I was redesigning my friend’s baby blog, but I’m not stressed about it, since I know it’s stored safely on my TiVo.


  2. Well, I’m mainly trying to limit expenses. So I cut down to only about 10 channels, and even if I had my own TiVo, would it be worth it for just that? I dunno. Plus I fear they’d still make me pay some kind of service fee. Anyway, at some point when I’m more flush with cash, I’ll reevaluate!


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