Today I had my first fitness assessment at the new gym (aka The One I Dumped Cable For) and I was feeling a bit apprehensive. When I think “fitness assessment,” I think calipers and measuring tape and electrodes and other scary torture devices. Luckily, none of these things were involved, and my friend B. was able to put my mind at ease a bit, since she’d had her assessment at the same gym just a couple of months ago.

This assessment was gloriously caliper-free, although it did involve some awkward measuring-tape scenarios. I found out my resting heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, flexibility, and whatnot. Basically everything is great except for the few pounds I still have to lose. The guy told me if I lost about 10 more pounds, my body fat percentage would be in the right range (which was what I had thought myself, based on BMI charts, but it was good to have that confirmed). Not too bad. My resting heart rate and blood pressure are apparently excellent! Go me.

I take a distinctly nerdy pleasure in this, feeling as I often do the desire to ace every test. Note to self: school was over three years ago. Chill out! Nonetheless, I’m happy to hear the good numbers — I take them as a sign that my recent fitness endeavors are improving things on the inside and not just the outside.

After hearing about my recent half marathon and seeing my numbers, the trainer helped me devise a strength training plan (we both agreed I have cardio taken care of, with my running and biking) and I’ll get to go in and learn all the moves next week. We’re doing some free weights to make it more challenging, and some strength building for all the muscles around the knee to help prevent any further runner’s knee issues. Suh-weet. I can’t wait to get started!

So, my big exciting plans for spring break? Well, I think I’m going to try a bunch of new classes at the gym. Don’t be jealous now! Before that can happen, I’ve still got to wade through the pile of grading I seem to have amassed. Hmm. Too bad I can’t just slap a blood-pressure cuff around those things and score them instantly.

Oh yeah, and after all that, I suppose I finally have to watch The Hurt Locker now.


  1. Way to go, getting into the gym! I need to do the same myself. Hope your hamstring feels better!


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