Perfect Fridays, Perfection

It really feels like spring lately, with warm weather in the 60s – 70s, sunshine, and blossoming trees. I have a new Friday tradition: a long bike ride after classes are done. Let me tell you, folks, this long bike ride is an experience so complete in its perfection that I don’t even know how to describe it to you.

[78/365] The Alysa Rides Again!

I think I mentioned a while back that I had signed up for a sprint-distance triathlon that is taking place in June — and, um, if I didn’t then now you know — so these rides are part of my training for that race. I’ve started out riding about 7-9 miles and I hope to work up to a point where riding 20 miles is no big deal. (The race only involves a 12-mile bike section, but obviously my endurance has to be greater than that.)

Once I get to the point where 20 miles is a regular ride for me, I can join the Saturday morning local bike ride — a group that goes on 15-25-mile rides through our county every week. The thought of riding around town in this glorious spring, or even of riding to the next town over or the town beyond that, is such a romantic thrill. Me! My bicycle! Spring flowers! Sunshine! The mixture of sunscreen and sweat and salt! It makes me feel all in love with the world.

Oh, readers, pardon me my excessive good cheer. I’m riding high on a mixture of post-exercise endorphins, sunny weather, and the first few sips of my Friday night Manhattan.

[57/365] The Notorious M.A.N.H.A.T.T.A.N.

I’ve also got two extra dogs staying with me this weekend — two adorable little chihuahuas by the names of Diego and Rosie, and my apartment is overbrimming with cuteness. I’ll have to regale you with dog stories next time, but until then you can check out the many iPhone snaps I posted to Twitter last night. Be warned: you may not be able to handle the cuteness.

I hope you have a lovely weekend in store, friends!

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