Three 3-Dog Nights

This weekend I am hosting my friend B’s two chihuahuas, Diego and Rosie, which brings the dog total in my house up to a whopping three. Counting my horrible cat, the furry beast total is at an all-time high of four. It’s been a ton of fun to watch the little cuties hang out together.

Rosie: Not Yet a Fan of Egon

At first Rosie was not a big fan of Egon, but in the end they have wound up napping and playing together the entire time. Diego and Egon go way back as buds, so they’re always happy to hang out. Here are a few snaps from the weekend:

[84/365] Rosie the Chihuahua

Rosie on the Couch

Rosie: Chihuahua, one year old. Nervous and shy about new people and new dogs, but always feels safe inside her little crate. Luckily, she came out of the crate and ventured to a place of honor on the couch, perfect for snuggling and napping. She’s new to walking with a harness & leash, but since my neighborhood isn’t ideal for leash-free dog walking, she has had to adapt. Total champ.

Diego the Chihuahua

The Boys

Diego: Chihuahua, three (?) years old, handsome little dude. Loves to bark and wrestle and chase, exactly like my dog does. They are good friends.

My Handsome Buddy

Egon: Dachshund, four years old, sometimes ungracious host. He often tries to steal his guests’ food at mealtime and demands to be chased around and around and around the room. Like the others, however, loves to nap.


Egon, as the oldest, was quite the bad influence. In fact, he taught the other dogs how to steal a spot on the couch and make it impossible for The Person to sit down. Thanks for that, Eegs!

[86/365] Dinner Time Trio

Egon has also attempted to teach the others how to beg while The Person is eating dinner, but overall this was an unsuccessful mission. No one got any of my dinner. TOO BAD, SUCKAS.

TV Time

I will tell you, though (and please don’t be jealous), I had the best couch nap ever thanks to these three adorable puppies. Just me and a couch and a blanket and three small dogs and about two hours of blissful afternoon slumber. Now we are all comfy on said couch watching New Moon on DVD. Perfect Saturday.

The two little chihuahuas go home tomorrow night, though, so it’ll be back to a lean, two-pet household with just me and the dog and the cat. We’ll always have the memories, though!


  1. I stumbled across your blog quite by accident but was glad that I did. All 3 of the dogs are really cute. The reason I remark is that I recently lost my last dog, Tillie, a Papillon that looks very much like Diego. Diego seems to have some Papillon in him too. Diego’s coloration is identical to Tillie. Two years ago I also lost my little brown Chihuahua named Tid-Bit. The pictures brought back some fond memories. And Egon reminds me of my late long-haired Dachsund Allie. Meanwhile, my domestic short-hair cat, Brownie, has inherited the run of the house. Thanks for posting the pictures and story.i


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