2010: The First Hundred (& Four) Days in Photos

Gloriously, my beloved MacBook was returned to me today, overnighted from the Apple service center.  I was pleased to find out that not only had they fixed the display problem, but they had also tested the machine and found a few other problems and fixed them too, free of charge.  They replaced the display panel, logic board, speaker, heatpipe, inverter, clutch, and some “miscellaneous parts.”  I really can’t complain!

I was happy as a bird in springtime to be reunited with my computer, and to be able, finally, to edit and post my recent daily photos. I had had the idea some time last week to make a slideshow of the first 100 photographs, but at the time I had only gotten up to number ninety-seven. Of course, now that the computer is back I have gone over one hundred. So I give to you here, in slideshow form, the first one hundred four days of 2010:

If you’d rather view the photo set itself without waiting out the slideshow, just click here.


  1. I forgot The Boy & I were in there. Yay! Also, beautimous. Also, how do you make a slide show? Did you do it on your blog or on Flickr? Also, 2 weeks! Aiiiieeeee. Let’s chat this weekend, yes?


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