The Boogie

This weekend was one of my favorite local events, the Old 280 Boogie. We’ve gone to this every year so far, and it’s always a good time. Bands, merchants, and food vendors gather in the tiny town of Waverly (a few miles north of Auburn); the weather is almost always magically perfect; picnic baskets and lawn chairs and dogs abound.

The typically hippyish crowd reminds me comfortingly of the people I spent time with in college and of the entire population of the city where I went to grad school. In Auburn, where khaki shorts and Topsiders are the local uniform, this sort of thing cheers me greatly.

Here are a few snaps of the day. The entire flickr set is here.

Accordionist w/ Faraway Look
The Pine Hill Haints, whom you have heard on my holiday mix if I sent you one. I love this band.

The Woody Pines
The Woody Pines and their pint-sized fiddler.

The Crowd
A view of the crowd.

People in Hats
People in hats. I wish I’d had a hat. It was ridiculously sunny!

Shopping the Standard Deluxe wares – they do great graphic design and screen printing and always have a huge supply of cool shirts for sale.

[107/365] Standard Deluxe / Old 280 Boogie
Flags featuring the Standard Deluxe truck logo. I love the play on the traditional Tibetan flags.


And now, I am off to grade more essays. I hope you all had a great weekend!


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