After Hours

I had a great time this weekend hanging out with my friend Clarabella at her place. We had registered to run a 5K on Saturday (her first one!), but the race was postponed to Sunday due to some crazy thunderstorms and tornadoes in the forecast. This left us on Friday night with no set plans and no reason to go to bed early, so what did we do? Well, what would you do?


We wound up at her tiny town’s watering hole watching a really good singer-songwriter perform. He’d been scheduled to play the festival but of course his plans had to change due to the weather, too. Lucky for us, we got to hear some great music in a smaller, more intimate setting — completely unexpected and fun.

Bwa ha ha ha!

As was the impromptu after-hours party at the musician’s house. Let me tell you; I felt like a young whippersnapper again doing something like that — after hours? party? at the home of a musician dude I had never met before? Totally a Vintage KO thing to do.

I will not bother you with recapping the entire night, but I will tell you that the following things may or may not have been involved: Maker’s Mark, sunglasses, dueling Nikons, a Stevie Wonder dance party closely followed by a Dolly Parton sing-along, and three thirty-something ladies making their escape at the end of the evening in their fly-ass minivan.

Here are photos from the night, presented (for reasons I probably don’t need to explain*) with minimal commentary. You can click through to flickr, however, for more details.

Crowded Kitchen Bar

Dueling Nikons

Over-the-Shoulder Shot

Ray Bans

Stevie Wonder Dance Party

More about that 5K and the rest of our great weekend coming up next!

* Fine, I mean because of google**

** Would you want to google yourself and find that some chick had posted photos of your messy kitchen counter on her blog? No, I think you would not. Likewise I do not need his twelve*** crazed fans over here.

***I don’t mean that to sound disparaging; he’s just not super famous or anything. I do not rub elbows with the super famous, let me assure you.


  1. You are rocking the Ray Bans. I do not remember that photo being taken. But then again, a lot of that after party is, ahem, a blur. Whew.


  2. You do? Cool! We at first thought he was a little famous — we were surprised he’d be playing at this place — but at a poetry reading earlier that evening, no one there had heard of him. C. and I decided that he must just be locally known because he is on an Oxford label or something. But I guess he’s reached Seattle, so cool! Yeah, we had a pretty good night of it.


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