My dinner is in the oven right now — I’m roasting root vegetables and simmering some kale, both from the CSA. Speaking of which, can we just pause to admire this week’s bounty?

[131/365] CSA #3: Contents

All righty then. I thought I would pop in and let you know the results of Coffee Week:

It was a riotous success! I finished everything I had to do by Friday night (with the exception of some recalcitrant paperwork) and was free and clear for an excellent weekend. I had a bit of trouble sleeping at first, but I am slowly weaning myself back down to reasonable levels of caffeine and there seem to have been few ill effects, except for — wait, is that Juan Valdez I see in the corner? Oh, nevermind. Just one of my Imagination People. Moving along.

My friend Brunbec’s chihuahuas stayed over again, and because I know you can’t get enough cute puppy pictures:

[127/365] Guest Chihuahuas

You’re welcome.

I had a great night Saturday that included — but was not limited to — seeing my friend Golightly perform with her improv group, having cocktails, and then watching the cinematic classic Back to the Future. I effing love that movie. Why does Marty keep describing things as “heavy”? Is there some problem in the future with the earth’s gravitational pull?

Sunday I did my longest brick workout yet: 12 miles on the bike and a three mile run, which just so happen to be the exact distances of the bike and run parts of the sprint triathlon I’m doing in June. Tomorrow: big swim workout. I am determined not to come in last at this thing, which will be a challenge. I’m awfully slow swimming and biking, so I guess my plan is to just chase people down on the run. I’m cool with that.

Whenever I have a big workout day like that, by the way, I like to celebrate:

[129/365] Wine!

Yes, I train just like the pros.

This week is shaping up to be full of fun, too: trivia at the bar tonight; Golightly’s birthday party at my house Thursday, and then Friday I head up to Ohio for my friend OXR’s wedding weekend, where I’ll get to see a good many of my old Oregonian friends. Can’t wait!

Summer, I kind of want to make out with you right now.


  1. I’m so wicked jealous of your culinary skills. I’m looking at that haul, and thinking, “Wow, that’s pretty, but I wouldn’t have the FIRST clue about what to do with it!”

    But the wine? I know how to handle that.


  2. Some of the veggies are a bit intimidating, but I’ve been doing pretty basic stuff. Any root vegetable can get roasted, any greens can pretty much be simmered in stock, etc. I have yet to get too adventurous! Also, any dinner with wine is A-OK!


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