Friends: I Like Them

I had a big weekend last weekend, a really great and wonderful and full weekend from which I am only now recovering. It started out with hosting my friend Golightly’s birthday party at my place and then driving up to Ohio the following morning for my friend OXR’s wedding. By the time I got back home Monday night (after my second 13-hour drive in four days), I was exhausted.

The weekend was so full of fun that there’s no way I could recap it all. I will tell you that the following things were involved: a Betty Draper dress and delicious Manhattans (too many Manhattans, as usual), cupcakes, a screening of the film The Warriors, a giant iguana at a bar, a wax museum depicting famous Christian martyrs, a bar game known as “cornhole,” a wedding ceremony that made me feel all misty-eyed, an older man singing the songs of Frank Sinatra, a re-creation of the bar game known as “cornhole” outside of the wedding reception using actual corn on the cob and two trash cans, a cake baby, asking a friend for a “track workout that will make me puke,” a very late night, very good talks, a raucous group picture session, and an after-hours hotel-room sing-along to The Decemberists’ “Red Right Ankle.”

[133/365] Blurry Party People

The Winking Lizard

The Creepiest

Ready to Toast


Group, Take One

Sure, blame it on the open bar, but sometimes being around so many good friends makes my salty little heart feel so full of happiness that it hurts.


  1. One of my favorite moments from the weekend in Ohio: when Bill burst into the room during “Red Right Ankle” and I barked “CAN’T YOU TELL WE’RE TRYING TO HAVE A BITTERSWEET SING-ALONG IN HERE?!!” Hooray for self-aware self-mockery!


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