Friends, this post comes to you from my cozy, comfy couch, where I am ensconced with my canine companion and my laptop, both of which are emitting a soothing, relaxing warmth. After the crazy and hectic week I had, the three-day holiday weekend could not have come at a more perfect time. I managed to spend oodles of time with my friends and let the stress of summer school dissipate, at least for a while.

Friday night a bunch of us helped Golightly move out of her apartment — she’ll be away for the rest of the summer and fall, so it was also our last night to hang out with her for a while.

[183/365] Moving Day

We all cooled off after the heavy lifting by floating in the pool and sipping adult beverages. I know I say this all the time, but seriously: floating around in a swimming pool after sunset with an icy-cold cocktail in one hand is one of summer’s most perfect activities.

Saturday involved a lunch composed entirely of beer, consumed while watching the less-than-thrilling Spain-Paraguay soccer match. Afterward, the guy and I went to see Eclipse (his choice!) followed by sushi and a trip to Target to look at grills. Eclipse, sushi, and Target? Perfect night, in my opinion.

[184/365] Sake

Sunday, Independence Day, we broke in the new grill — isn’t it shiny?


There was a Field Roast vegan sausage (my favorite) and an actual steak. On the side, the delicious corn you see here as well as a multitude of other grilled veggies not pictured, salads, fruit, and wine.

[185/365] Dinner

The phrase “food baby” might have been invoked after the meal. I also made up a new drink (sadly not pictured): vodka and Fresca with chunks of cantaloupe. It’s as refreshing as it sounds! Unless, of course, you like to refer to cantaloupe as “muskmelon,” which someone does and I am not naming names but that someone is not me.

So what did I do today, to cap off this perfect holiday weekend? Why I went to see Eclipse again, with my friend Brunbec! Oh, yes, people. I saw it twice. I thought it was much better than the first two installments. The action seemed really well done and that nice young whippersnapper who plays Jacob was just as charming as ever. Once again, although I am very much Team Edward when reading the novels, I find myself switching over to Team Jacob in the cinema. The kid is cute, I am saying.

Finally, I made the perhaps ill-considered purchase of a denim mini-skirt from the Old Navy clearance racks. I’m not sure how great it will look now in summer, but come fall and tights-weather, I’m sure I will figure out how to rock it.

[186/365] Skirt

And now, I am trying to just relish the last few hours of the weekend before I have to return to teaching life in the morning. How about you guys? Did you have today off? How did you spend the weekend?


  1. Started the weekend with girls’ night: happy hour (w/ 3/$5 sangria (yes, you read that right) & delicious tapas–I know where we’re going next time you visit) and then Eclipse! Yay! (I can’t believe you saw it TWICE this weekend.)
    We were lazy and then had a picnic (I always say Pick-a-nick in my head, via Yogi Bear. Oy.) in The Grove with some lovely friends & babies (see Vox for the pics). I had what may be the single greatest salad I’ve ever had: tomato, goat cheese, pecan salad w/ peaches. Gah. It was ridiculous.
    Also, the fireworks were awesome, although once when they were particularly loud, The Boy jumped into my lap & muttered “I’m sorry; I’m sorry,” which he does when he’s scared. So that was cute/pitiful.
    I wish there were a pool I could float in with adult beverages. Sigh. Sounds like a fun weekend.
    P.S. I like rocking the mini with leggings and/or high boots. You will love it.


  2. (Oh, and there was fresh basil & drizzled olive oil on that salad too. Red, green heirlooms & baby orange & cherry toms. Amazing. In case you want to try a version sans cheese (or *real* cheese))


  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend — I’m caught between sad and cute on The Boy and the fireworks, all “awwww.” Also, going to try a version of that salad post haste. My basil plant is just crying to be used.


  4. Also also, I am thinking opaque tights or leggings with that skirt. Been combing Zappos for some new boots (they’re all on sale this time of year) but haven’t found a great pair yet. My old “wide calf” ones are now comically large. Oh well — good problem to have, I always say.


  5. The second half of moving was *exhausting*, but yesterday we went to Paul’s friend’s parents’ house and had delicious grilled food. Thanks again for all your help with moving stage one!


  6. G – Happy to help! It went by super fast. I’m glad you guys got it all sorted on the other end and managed to relax a little bit, too!

    T – BUSTED! Oh, wait, I already knew you read this blog!

    Re all that nonsense, someone in my town reads this blog but I can’t figure out who — I mean someone I don’t already know about. It’s driving me nuts.


  7. Well, you already know how my weekend went. 🙂 Just wanted to say how glad I am you left me a comment, because I just read your last ten or so entries and I think maybe we’re blog twins? Very exciting! Sticking you in my RSS now.


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