Signs of Summer

Just in case we weren’t sure if it was summer, the following signs have appeared to put an end to all doubt. Let me show you:

5. Baking Hot Sidewalks

[207/365] Baking Hot Sidewalk

It is so hot out today that when I briefly stepped outside in my bare feet, I got a very rude awakening indeed. Spotted on the sidewalk on my way back into the house: two dead bugs, their many legs pointing skyward (yes, I did photograph that and no I won’t put it here because I realized that one was a giant cockroach and I don’t want to make it seem like my apartment is dirty) (it’s too late now isn’t it?).

4. Cats Drunk on Sunshine

My Sunbeam.

Basically one of the only times my cat isn’t either crying for more food, trying to kill the dog, or thinking of ways to make sure I slip in the shower and die so she can feast upon my delicious remains is when she is basking happily in the sunshine that streams in through the window in my office. Another good reason to keep the blinds open.

3. Swimming Pool Nights

[204/365] Pool

Yes, I go on and on about the swimming at night with the cocktails. Well, doesn’t this look perfectly, beautifully serene? Toldja. Now I suddenly feel the need for a Vodka and Fresca.

2. Watermelon


How happy am I to be enjoying the local, in-season produce from the farm? Very. I got a watermelon two weeks ago, three (!!!) more this past week, and might get still more at tomorrow’s pick-up. Don’t worry; it’s as delicious as it looks.

And finally, the number one sign it is summer:

1. Minor League Baseball

[203/365] Heckled

Yes, Thursday night was spent cheering on the Montgomery Biscuits (who came back from 7-0 to lose with a slightly more respectable score of 11-6), listening to the crowd around us heckle the hapless third-base coach (who kept stopping runners at third instead of letting them try to run home), drinking light beer and eating salty soft pretzels.

Summer? CHECK.


  1. All of that looks amazing. I want watermelon and a pool! And, I mean, I can probably make the watermelon part happen, but I think I’m SOL on the pool …


  2. Yeah, I guess swim class doesn’t really encourage swimming with cocktails, do they? However, I DO think that should be some kind of sporting event. Part of a Ladies of Leisure & Fashion Triathlon, maybe. Event 1: Swim with Cocktails. Event 2: Bike down the Beach on a Cruiser in a Sundress, then Event 3: Running in Heels. Hmm. I may be on to something here.


  3. It is a delicious drink! Also, we miss you too! I hear you are going to be around for the writers’ conference? This is excellent news!!!


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