The Last Week of Spring CSA Vegetables

Tuesday I picked up my last bag of produce from the CSA for this season.

[208/365] CSA # 14 : Contents

Well, the last bag of produce plus another huge-honkin’ melon.

More Baby Heirloom Tomatoes

There were more of the amazing tomatoes I love so much.

More Red Tomatoes

More lemon cucumbers (and a regular green cucumber and a spaghetti squash).

Lemon Cucumbers and  a Letter

And a last letter from the farmer.

I am already excited about joining again for the fall season, which I think starts in October. If anyone out there is considering joining a CSA in your area for an upcoming season, don’t hesitate. It’s so worth it! You’ll get fresh, local, organic, seasonal food and you’ll support a farm in your community. Can’t go wrong with that!

Here’s the photo set of all the produce I received this season and a few of the things I’ve done with it.


  1. These vegetables look so good! We’re also member of a local co-op and buy as much local as possible. I love your photos of all the produce you picked up this summer, looks so delicious. S


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