Therapy in Many Forms

Exercise is nature’s anti-depressant. You’ve heard it before, from such annoying loudmouths as Tom Cruise, for example, but it really is true. Running is the most energizing and uplifting and mentally clarifying thing I know how to do. So yesterday I headed out as the sun was setting, trying to escape the worst of the heat, for a quick run through the neighborhood.

Yeah, it didn’t exactly have the soothing and therapeutic effect I was hoping for. About a half mile into it, I somehow managed to trip over my own feet or the sidewalk or my own sense of self importance or SOMETHING, I don’t KNOW what, and I went skidding down the sidewalk a couple of feet. There were cars and people all around (I was right in front of the post office) and no one stopped to see if I was OK. I imagine they were all too busy snickering to themselves in their cars to bother. Hey, it’s funny when someone falls down, I admit.

So I had cuts all over my hands and road rash on both legs. I managed to bang up one knee pretty thoroughly as well — what looked like this yesterday

This is even more impressive 24 hours later.

has now blossomed into a gorgeous purple bruise and red lacerations. So colorful!

[223/365] Road Rash

The other leg is also quite disgusting today.

Last night I did my best to clean things up but I had no gauze or bandages or anything big enough, so I would up going to sleep with two Always pantyliners taped, upside-down, to the worst part of it. To any men reading, I apologize for having just mentioned a feminine hygiene product, but, you know what? Those things came in pretty damn handy!

This morning I made it to the store to get some proper supplies and I think I have bandaged it all up fairly well. It is pretty ugly though, I’m not gonna lie.

So this week sure doesn’t seem to be going my way, does it? It’s kind of interesting to have highly visible and disgusting outward physical manifestation of what my emotions feel like on the inside, though. Both have a nasty raw hamburger quality to them. I am going to appease myself by imagining that once the scrapes on my legs and hands heal up, it will mean the insides are back to normal, too.

But running as therapy did not exactly work out yesterday (I’ll try again tomorrow for the first long run of my marathon training — more on that later). I have also been trying whiskey as therapy, which is usually pretty fine (if not glorious and excellent!) at the time but the effects seem to be diminished by the next day’s hangover. I went with cooking as therapy today. I’ve been having a low appetite and feeling kind of sick to my stomach the past few days, which partly has to be because of too much drinking but is partly because of stress and whatnot. I need to make sure I am actually eating a healthy diet, though, so I decided to make a huge vat of butternut squash soup today.

I had a bunch of small butternuts left over from the CSA — you can keep these for a while — so I knew I could go to town and just make a big, delicious batch.

Butternut Squash!

I basically just use this recipe from Epicurious – it’s so simple and it turns out really, really well.

[223/365] Therapy

I blend everything in small batches in my blender and it gets nice and silky smooth. I’d like to buy an immersion blender (Clarabella and Philly have one of these and I saw it in action this past weekend – it rules) but this works for now.


One of the best parts of the soup is this roasted garlic and red pepper puree that you make as a garnish. It adds a nice intensity of rich flavor and some spice.

Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper Puree

The original recipe doesn’t call to roast the garlic, but I prefer that flavor, so that’s a change I made.

Bowl of Goodness

That’s a bit of fresh thyme on top. Delicious!

So tell me — what are your favorite comfort foods or “therapeutic” activities when you are feeling bruised and battered by life? I may need more to try here.


  1. The trick with Whiskey therapy is to just keep drinking it until all the feelings go away. Or until your liver fails. You can avoid the hang over by never coming down.

    This is not a treatment option approved by the APA.


  2. Ah. Aha. I was missing that important step there! Now if I try to implement this plan, and no one ever hears from me again, they will have this post and comments thread as important evidence of my demise.


  3. Poor knee! Poor heart. I hope this next week’s gentler with you, K.

    I’m pretty keen on roasted just-about-anything, and have recently discovered the joy that is asparagus spears drizzled with olive oil and baked to kingdom come. Also chocolate, which I eat with almost indecent rapture. In fact, baked strawberries (really) with chocolate sauce, though I can’t see the APA being entirely down with that particular home remedy either.


  4. Oooh, that all sounds good. I LOVE asparagus and recently came into possession of a dark chocolate with orange bar. I also have a slice of vegan carrot cake from the new, awesome healthy grocery. Ah, FOOD.


  5. i sent you an email from my work account yesterday, so check yer spam if you haven’t received it. also, re: therapy, your cd is officially on its way. it’s aural sunshine! my comforts are exercise (nowadays) & music. the music varies, depending on whether i want to change my mood or wallow in it. also, listening to weekend edition on npr is, for me, the adult equivalent of a blankie and a pacifier. and a good night out, whether with dave or a girlfriend, works wonders.


  6. Oh, thank you for the suggestions! I am feeling better now and am moving on to a “The Best Revenge is Living Well” kind of place. I shall respond at more length to your email, via email!


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