Good Things

Friends visiting from out of town for a wedding:

Girls Outtake Three


[233/365] Cocktails

And people happily gathered ’round a table (or two):


Campus views (and a less-humid, clear-blue sky):

[236/365] Back to School

Guilty pleasure reading in bed:

[238/365] iBooks

Puppydog eyes:


More friends gathered to celebrate two friends’ soon-to-arrive baby, beautiful gifts:

[239/365] Hammock

A glass of wine at the end of a long week:

Pinot Noir

Fun gifts in the mail – a happy mixtape:

[240/365] Mixtape!

As usual, click on the photo to go through to for more information.

What good things have you got going on?


  1. I’m out in the middle of a wasteland in Nevada with lots of cool people and one fellow, who I will refer to as “Super Douche,” who may wake up with slashed tires tomorrow morning for the crimes of UBER-DOUCHERY! The dude left me for dead in a sand storm. I think he deserves a bite from karma.


  2. B, I think you should sit back and wait because I’m SURE what went around is going to come back around again. You know? Just have a good time out there! That was some unsolicited assvice from me.

    On another note, I am kind of surprised at the 3G (or wifi?) access you have out at Burning Man. Shouldn’t it be more rugged and wild than all that? UNPLUG!


  3. As one of my camp mates put it, “I believe in karma but it’s too slow. You go do karma’s dirty work. Slash his tires!” I went and talked to the Rangers (all volunteer police force) about the situation and they told me to grab some beer, offer him one and attempt to make peace. If he continues to be a jerk, then I’m supposed to contact them for a smack down. I think I’ll go the character assassination route: I’ve got a photo of his RV. It’s going on the internet!

    I’m operating my laptop off a car battery but will switch over to an underground electrical grid that runs through the staff camp where I’m embedded sometime tomorrow. There’s wifi but ti’s a bit poky. Yeah, I’m supposed to be “off the grid” but I’m out here working for a newspaper, I gotta use a laptop and I did all that last year. I’ve been huddled in my car all day due to weather. It’s this or read or sleep, ya know?


  4. I finally completed a long run this morning without cutting it short, which was exciting! My puppy is learning some manners, I am sitting at a coffee shop working on writing, and I have a giant cup of coffee that is nearly the perfect temperature. Oh, and later tonight my friend is cooking curry for dinner, and I’m invited! Today is basically nothing but good. 🙂 Glad you’ve been having good moments as well!


  5. Nice to see three pretty ladies dressed up for a wedding!

    Been a while since I’ve commented but I’ve had a million things going on. I am renovating my old farm house, going back to work after two weeks of holidays, praying for more summer weather so that my vegetable garden keeps producing (I’ve lost almost all my butternut squash due to cold, wet weather) and just finished touring the Ardennes by car. I am finishing my Sunday night with a few beers and glasses of wine and trying to think up ways of capturing a stray cat so he doesn’t pass another long, cold winter outside.

    Glad to see you’re doing well.



  6. B – Gotcha. I hope things get better out there when the festivities officially start!

    C – Oh man, those brief moments when your coffee is the perfect temperature. That’s the perfect illustration of how transitory life’s pleasures can be. Wait too long and it goes cold on you! Sounds like a great day though.

    J – Good to see you are still alive out there. Sounds like you’re having a good time of it, too. Best of luck with the cat and the squash — a cat in your lap and a bowl of squash soup sound like good ways to start the fall, so fingers crossed.


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